The Future Of Women in the Upcoming Electric Vehicle Industry

The Future Of Women in the Upcoming Electric Vehicle Industry

Women In The Automotive Sector

The economy is changing quickly and this includes the automotive industry. During the past few years, there has been a major push to the development of electric vehicles. As oil continues to get more expensive and there is an increased focus on protecting the environment, electric vehicles have become more common on the roads. A lot of this push is coming from women who are becoming increasingly important in the electric vehicle industry. Even though important in all sectors of the economy, they are under-represented and underappreciated in the automotive industry. For example, women are involved in the vast majority of purchasing decisions when it comes to cars; however, they only purchase a minority of electric vehicles. They also make up a very small proportion of the current automotive workforce. Now, this is starting to change.

A Deloitte Report: Gender in the Automotive Industry

According to a report that was published by Deloitte, less than 25 percent of the automotive workforce consists of women. In this report, numerous women indicated that they had not seen any positive changes in the automotive industry with respect to women in the workforce during the past five years. Some women even indicated that they wished they had never started a career in the auto industry.
Moving forward, it is important to diversify the industry more. The perspective of women is important and driving forward the future of the automotive industry. Because women make the majority of purchasing decisions when it comes to Vehicles, they need to be involved, particularly as the automotive industry moves forward with electric vehicles. For example, GM is switching to entirely electric vehicle production. Electric vehicles represent an opportunity to not only reinvent the automobile but also increase gender diversity, equity, and representation in the industry. If it is possible to change the automotive workforce, this can push electric vehicles forward into the future. If there are big changes taking place in the automotive industry with respect to vehicles, these changes should include the workforce as well.

A Change Has To Take Place: How Do Brands Speak To Women?

Electric vehicles are becoming more common on the road. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, sales of electric vehicles have far outpaced those of traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. Alternatively, sales are actually higher than normal for the rebuilt engine and rebuilt transmission market since there has been a drastic reduction in the number of new gasoline powered vehicles hitting the market. This is more evidence that consumer perspectives are shifting. As infrastructure continues to improve, stronger sales for electric vehicles are going to take place.
On the other hand, in order to get more women involved in the discussions around an electric vehicle, brands have to change how they speak to them. Until more women get involved in the conversation surrounding electric vehicles, it will be difficult to get them more involved in the production of them. Many electric vehicle companies are looking for ways to grow their market share, placing themselves at the top of the industry. The only way to do this is to target a new demographic.
More people are talking about electric vehicles than ever before. A lot of people take a look at what Tesla is doing and simply try to emulate it. It will be impossible to go toe-to-toe with the social media campaign being orchestrated by Tesla. In order to make inroads in the industry, electric vehicle companies will need to take a different approach. That means targeting female consumers who become adequately involved in the electric vehicle discussion.

How To Bring More Women Into the Conversation

Clearly, because women are so heavily involved in the purchasing decisions regarding Vehicles, they need to be an important part of this conversation. How can companies do that?
There are a few examples to consider. For example, Audi released an ad during the Super Bowl that got positive reviews. Even though some people did not agree with the social and political commentary during a sporting event, it did resonate strongly with countless women who are watching the events and paid attention to the commercial. Even though brands do have to pay attention to their subject and context, the method of delivery is key.
One car company that was able to set itself apart from the other was Volkswagen. They created an advertisement for the Saudi Arabian Market just after women were given the right to drive in the summer of 2018. Since that time, women have been credited with markedly increasing the sale of Volkswagen vehicles in Saudi Arabia. According to statistics, they were actually responsible for a quarter of total VW sales in Saudi Arabia in 2019.
Now that more car companies are figuring out how to get women involved in the discussion, many women are also becoming more involved in the future of electric vehicles.
Women Bring a Different Perspective From Men To Electric Vehicles
The biggest reason why women need to become more involved in a discussion surrounding electric vehicles is that they bring a different perspective from men to the discussion. That is exactly where the group, Women of EVs, started back in 2012. At the time, there were only four women involved in the electric vehicle industry in the entire state of Oregon. Women believe that their support was needed and driving the future of electric vehicles forward.
As an example, then commonly believed that cars are going to sell themselves because of torque or power. That was the way they wanted to Market their vehicles. Because there are not a lot of women represented at the first EV Roadmap conference, the conference became an echo chamber, with men simply feeding on each other, trying to create more powerful Vehicles. This is not necessarily going to appeal to everyone who is looking for an electric car. That is exactly what women wanted to point out.
Now, more women are becoming involved in electric vehicles. They are sharing their perspectives with everyone, diversifying the industry, which is going to be key as the automotive industry continues to transform. As the production of gasoline-powered vehicles continues to decrease, particularly in California which has already set a date to ban all gasoline-powered vehicles, used and remanufactured engines and transmissions in the industry will go up. This will increase the used car market, along with the number of used auto parts such as used engine options, used transmission parts, and even rebuilt transmission or rebuilt engine options. Car companies will have to figure out how they are going to deal with this paradigm shift in the automotive industry.

Looking to the Future of the Industry

Even though there are still a lot of question marks surrounding the future of the automotive industry, one guarantee is that women will become more involved. Electric vehicle companies, like Tesla, that would like to expand their market share have to do a better job of reaching out to women. This includes not only convincing women to make certain purchases but also getting them more involved in the production, development, and marketing of electric vehicles. Women clearly have a valuable perspective when it comes to designing, purchasing, and driving vehicles. If companies are willing to listen to this perspective, they will be able to maintain an edge over their competitors. It will be interesting to see how the industry continues to evolve moving forward.

Guest Blog: Luke Wilhoit

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