The All New Green Number Plates

The All New Green Number Plates

New Green Numberplate

The All New Green Number Plates

The Government have now decided as a part of their zero emissions scheme that drivers with electric cars or vehicles that produce zero emissions will now have green number plates. This is to promote environmentally-friendly vehicles by making them more visible to people. Just another step towards the Governments plan to become a ‘healthier and cleaner’ nation.

With these number plates you’re able to access cheaper parking and even free entry in low emission zones.

The new plates are not what you’re thinking, they aren’t completely green, they are in fact still yellow/white but with a green stripe on the left-hand side.

In order to be eligible for the green plates you have to have an electric vehicle. This means plug-ins and hybrids are not eligible. If you are the owner of a full electric vehicle make sure to keep an eye out for when the registrations properly come into place, as you can take in all the advantages of having an environmentally-friendly vehicle.

Blog Written By Paige at Motor Connect

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