Terrifying Tips for Driving on Halloween

Terrifying Tips for Driving on Halloween

Halloween is a few days away and although it’s a fun, exciting holiday for children and adults alike, the increase in foot traffic throughout the evening can be a potential risk for vehicle related accidents. The scary reality is that Halloween is one of the deadliest days of the year for pedestrians and pedestrian fatality is 43% higher than average.

To minimise the risk of accidents on the road, here are some Halloween traffic safety tips.

Drive slowly through residential areas
With local communities welcoming trick-or-treaters and Halloween parties coming back in full swing, the residential areas will be lively with pedestrians. Children can be unpredictable at the best of times, let alone when they’re excited on a night out like Halloween. If you’re driving around in a residential area, make sure to drive extra slow and be alert.

Take extra time to look out for children
When driving around on Halloween, put extra time and effort into looking out for children. It’s likely that they will be caught up in the excitement of trick-or-treating and will be less aware of cars. Also bear in mind that they are unlikely to be dressed in bright clothing. In the tradition of Halloween, vampire, zombie, and witch costumes will be hard to spot once it turns dark making it harder to spot pedestrians (the sun is predicted to set 16:38 so be aware of it turning dark shortly after).

Enter and exit driveways slowly
With the added volume of pedestrians on the pavements, take extra care pulling out of driveways, especially if you’re in an area that’s popular with trick-or-treaters. Have a check of the pavement for pedestrians before you set off and drive out slowly.

Do not overtake cars that have stopped in the road
If a car has stopped in the road, it’s likely to be a parent dropping off or picking up their children. Children could dart out onto the road to exit out the car without looking or others have used the opportunity of the car stopping to cross the road.
If you are dropping off your children, choose a safe spot to stop and make sure you alert others by signalling and putting on your hazard lights.

By being cautious and mindful of safety this Halloween, you can make sure the holiday is a treat for all.

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