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Autumn: the fall of leaves, temperature, and daylight hours. But how do these effect our daily driving conditions?

Read on for Best4 Warranty’s top 5 tips to driving safely this Autumn.

Be Wary of Low Sunlight

Glare when the sun is low in the sky is a more frequent at this time of year, especially during commuting hours. One study showed that serious car accidents increase by 16% when glare is present.

To make sure you have the best visibility possible, keep your windscreen clean inside and out to remove the hazy film that builds up; you should also take care of any glass scratches and chips as they can intensify the sun’s glare.

Check your vehicle’s wiper blades – if they are a few years old or are becoming worn then you should consider replacing them to brace for the wetter months.

Always keep a pair of sunglasses in your car and use the sun visor when possible.

Utilise Your Antifreeze

Antifreeze is important all year round to prevent corrosion and should be checked as part of a regular service schedule. This prevents the water from freezing up and can also raise the boiling point of the engine coolant.

Be aware that there are different types of antifreeze and mixing them could damage your engine. To avoid this, look in your handbook for which type you should use or get a garage to check for you.

Keep an Eye Out for Road Surfaces

Wet leaves on the road cause extremely slippery surfaces and can obscure road markings and hazards such as potholes. Take greater care when driving through rural areas by reducing your speed – especially around corners.

Further into Autumn, morning frost can cause icy patches making roads extremely dangerous when unnoticed. Reduce your speed and maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Cautious of Reduce Visibility

Fog can be one of the most dangerous weather conditions for driving as an accident involving one car can quickly escalate to involve multiple. Leave at least 3 seconds between you and the car in front. Use your headlights and fog lights to increase your visibility to other including pedestrians.

Visibility can be worsened due to the decrease in daylight hours. Do not forget to switch on your lights and keep an eye on bulbs in case they need changing.

Heavy rainfall will reduce clarity on the roads and increase stopping distance. Make sure to check your windscreen wipers to make sure they are working to the best of their ability during a downpour.

Be Prepared for Unexpected Stops

With icy conditions already infiltrating parts of the UK, the last thing you want is to breakdown and be left standing on the side of the road. Prepare for the weather with additional coats and blankets in the boot of your car in case you’re left out in the cold.

A ‘supply kit’ of necessary items will put your mind at ease such as a torch, hi-vis jacket and warning triangle.

With these essential tips to drive safely during this spooky season, make sure your electrical and mechanical components are fully covered with a Best4 warranty, the nation's favourite warranty provider. Get yourself a quote today!

Guest Blog - Isabelle Day Best4 Warranty

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