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Woman driving carReduce Your Car Insurance With These 6 Tips

In recent months, the headlines surrounding car insurance premiums have made for grim reading...

Woman driving carWhy Women Are At Greater Risk In A Car Crash

While women themselves are usually safe drivers, the cars they drive are much more dangerous. Here’s why....

Windscreen wipersWindscreen wipers: how to care for and replace your wipers

When you get into a brand-new car or walk out of the opticians with a fresh set of spectacles, there’s one thing they have in common. That refreshed, bright feeling is thanks to unsullied glass...

EVWhy You Should Make the Switch to an EV

The motor industry is evolving rapidly. Electric vehicles (EVs) are no longer the minority on the roads...

Drink and DriveFour in ten motorists do not know the drink-drive limit

Potentially millions of motorists could be unknowingly getting behind the wheel while over the drink-drive limit...

Angry DriverDriven mad… where do Britain's angriest motorists live?

The places where Britain’s angriest drivers live can now be revealed - and Londoners are far more hot-headed...

Highway Code ChangesHow Do You Take Care of a Car with High Mileage?

Do you own a car with high mileage? If you do, congratulations—you've likely gotten great value for your money.

Highway Code Changes6 Highway Code Changes for 2022 That You’ll Want to Know

To kick off 2022, the Highway Code is due to introduce new driving laws as well as making amendments to existing ones.

Crashed carPausing is the smartest answer to motorway safety worries says IAM RoadSmart

The UK’s largest independent road safety charity, IAM RoadSmart, has commended the government’s decision to put the brakes on the rollout of controversial new All Lane Running (ALR) smart motorway schemes.

Stress-free parking this ChristmasStress-free parking this Christmas

This week’s tips from Richard Gladman, Head of Driving and Riding Standards at IAM RoadSmart, the UK’s largest independent charity, gives advice to shoppers on securing the perfect parking space ahead of the busiest...

More than half of older drivers support testing of older drivers every 5 yearsMore than half of older drivers support testing of older drivers every 5 years

The fact that over half of older drivers are willing to undergo extra driving checks bodes well for the policy changes we advocate.

What to do if your tank is empty or nearly emptyWhat to do if your tank is empty or nearly empty

Some stations are considering a fuel limit of £30 until supply issues are fixed. So, if you’re driving on an emptier than usual tank, we’d advise you to follow the above steps, plus those outlined in our guide to fuel-efficient driving.

Automatic for the people – could this be the end of the manual driving licence?Automatic for the people – could this be the end of the manual driving licence?

Until things change however, young people need to be aware that manual driving licences will always open up a wider range of job opportunities for them, particularly as the country recovers from the pandemic.

Older Drivers fit, healthy and determined to keep driving for at least the next 12 years or moreOlder Drivers fit, healthy and determined to keep driving for at least the next 12 years or more

The survey took place early in the pandemic, many respondents reported missing a routine eyesight test, visual problems or medical problems were left unchecked, thus potentially making them unsafe to drive.

UK road deaths drop for the first time in eight-yearsUK road deaths drop for the first time in eight-years

Up to date collision information is essential to avoid transport policy being developed in a data vacuum. We urge the Government to issue road safety figures more frequently so that informed decisions can be made.

The All New Green Number PlatesThe All New Green Number Plates

With these number plates you’re able to access cheaper parking and even free entry in low emission zones.

Upcoming Changes To The Highway CodeUpcoming Changes To The Highway Code

We are aware that these change aren’t huge, but they are put in place to clarify existing rules on pedestrian priority as well as cyclist and horse riders safety.

Easy ways to save money running a carEasy ways to save money running a car

Buying or financing a car is a really exciting time and it can be great for your bank balance.


The #ChooseToChallenge fundraiser was launched as part of International Women’s Day.

All Things Dash Cam!All Things Dash Cam!

The main selling point of any dash cam is that it can be used as evidence in the event of an accident or can greatly assist when it comes to processing a claim.

Avoidable collisions with wildlifeAvoidable collisions with wildlife

Autumn is the time of year with the highest risk of animals venturing unexpectedly into roads.

Do you know the motoring rules?Do you know the motoring rules?

Few motorists know enough about the rules of the road not realising that the driver is responsible for topping up their knowledge at all times. Be sure to read The Highway Code on a regular basis, just in case.

Suffering from driving fears or anxiety?Suffering from driving fears or anxiety?

FOXY Lady Drivers Club members can call on a range of anxiety support services to help them cope with motoring stress or motorway driving fears.

Car Games With ChildrenCar Games With Children

Car journeys with children can be stressful. So it’s good to have some car games up your sleeve when the going gets tough…

Are You Wearing The Right Sunglasses?Are You Wearing The Right Sunglasses?

Like most things, there is an EU standard for sunglasses. Some aren’t suitable for wearing when driving or cycling and photo chromic ones might be too dark for convertible drivers in tunnels.

What to do when your car is uneconomical to repairWhat to do when your car is uneconomical to repair

What are your choices when you need to dispose of an elderly car? Is it time to scrap it we wonder?

Six month MOT extension during coronavirusSix month MOT extension during coronavirus

In certain cases your car’s MOT will be extended by 6 months during the coronavirus epidemic

Likely Causes of Brake FailureLikely Causes of Brake Failure

Brake performance can be adversely affected by overheating or the presence of water in brake fluids.

The Value of Business AwardsThe Value of Business Awards

Awards single out businesses as being better than the rest because the winners have to go that extra mile to make the grade ahead of others.

Do You Know Your Consumer Rights When Motoring Goes Wrong?Do You Know Your Consumer Rights When Motoring Goes Wrong?

When things go wrong and you’re dealing with a faulty car or garage service we sure to know your rights conferred by the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

About Quad Bike SafetyAbout Quad Bike Safety

Useful information about quad bike safety training courses

How company car schemes workHow company car schemes work

This is a Guest Blog from Lease Plan UK explaining the many company car scheme options for employers.

How To Improve Staff Loyalty and RetentionHow To Improve Staff Loyalty and Retention

Is your Employer Benefit Scheme good enough when it comes to the mental wellness of your staff? Find out more about HR strategies and unique support services to help here.

These Tyres Can Generate ElectricityThese Tyres Can Generate Electricity

Here we have an innovative proposal to use tyres to produce electricity to all round green and value for money effect here.

How to buy a car that is good value, genuine and reliableHow to buy a car that is good value, genuine and reliable

A staggering one in every 17 used cars for sale has some type of mileage irregularity, including newer and expensive cars.

Meet the Motor Claim GuruMeet the Motor Claim Guru

Club members can ask Motor Claim Guru Tim Kelly for advice in an insurer dispute about an accident repair claim.

Auto Excellence Business Awards 2019Auto Excellence Business Awards 2019

Business awards are especially important in an industry with little regulation of standards and too many complaints. We like to see leading awards like AIEA 2019 so motorists can identify and support the local garages...

About French Motoring LawAbout French Motoring Law

French law states that a clean air sticker, called a Crit’Air vignette, must be displayed to identify what emissions your vehicle produces. Did you know this?

Have you signed the #SwearToChange driving challenge?Have you signed the #SwearToChange driving challenge?

FOXY Lady Drivers Club is happy to support AutoTrader’s #SwearToChange campaign because we agree it’s time to address selfish behavioural attitudes which affect the road safety of others.

Our FOXYLadyApproved garage in CheadleOur FOXYLadyApproved garage in Cheadle

Cheadle’s AA Silencers is a FOXY Lady Approved garage in Cheadle. A commitment to quality, friendly and professional staff plus first rate garage services and customer facilities differentiates this garage from...

Don't let stress rule your drivingDon't let stress rule your driving

Apparently 20% of accidents on major roads are sleep-related so please don’t drive if you feel sleepy or stressed. Here are some stress-busting tips to help.

Important changes to your car's MOT testImportant changes to your car's MOT test

New MOT rules could mean motorists being (or just feeling) ripped off, especially if they don’t know the new rules or garages they can trust.

Look Out - Car Fraudsters AboutLook Out - Car Fraudsters About

Nearly five million UK cars may have had their mileage digitally altered – could affordable finance plans be to blame?

Be Part Of The Italian Job in 2018Be Part Of The Italian Job in 2018

The 2018 Italian Job invites Mini drivers to enjoy a special adventure, driving to Italy, raising money for children to have their own bed.

Women drivers and ProtyreWomen drivers and Protyre

Protyre centres are part of the Micheldever Group,the largest independent wholesaler, distributor and retailer of tyres in the UK, selling over six million tyres nationwide each year.

Tyre Safety Evening for Ladies in MorecambeTyre Safety Evening for Ladies in Morecambe

One of the best ways to learn about your car is to attend a local Ladies evening. And as you’d expect, businesses that are FOXY Lady Approved come with added reassurance to boot.

Bognor, Beaches & BusinessBognor, Beaches & Business

FOXY Lady Approved dealers are rigorously approved & monitored as female friendly as per GWA Cars & Finance in West Sussex.

FOXY Female Business PartnershipsFOXY Female Business Partnerships

FOXY Partners are female led organisations whose female members/customers can claim a free FOXY Lady Drivers Club membership as part of this relationship.

Do You Know Your Used Car Consumer Rights?Do You Know Your Used Car Consumer Rights?

Be sure to know your rights. The Consumer Rights Act favours motorists who have bought a faulty car & within six months of purchase you may get a full refund.

The Cost of Motoring  - VED RatesThe Cost of Motoring - VED Rates

New changes to car tax in April 2017 are going to hit brand new car buyers who choose environmentally-friendly car models most of all. Be sure to compare and shop around re VED levels.

FOXY sponsors the Brighton and Hove Motor ShowFOXY sponsors the Brighton and Hove Motor Show

The Brighton and Hove Motor Show is a special event for all motorists in Sussex. Women who register in advance get a gift membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club plus valuable female motoring insight on Stand 17. See you...

Tyre Safety Month Promotion #TSM17Tyre Safety Month Promotion #TSM17

Women getting tyres checked and OK’d by a FOXY Lady Approved garage get a special motoring gift during Tyre Safety Month, October 2016. Just do it please…

Paddy Hopkirk appointed as Mature Drivers' AmbassadorPaddy Hopkirk appointed as Mature Drivers' Ambassador

Famous rally driver Paddy Hopkirk MBE has been appointed Mature Driver Ambassador by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) to represent the best interests of older motorists who are often...

Happy 10th birthday FOXYHappy 10th birthday FOXY

FOXY Lady Drivers Club celebrates its 10th birthday in December 2014. So what has happened in the last ten years. Quite a lot explains FOXY Founder Steph Savill.

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