Garage Services

Here is the latest list of FOXY’s female friendly approved garages and repairers including independents, franchised dealerships, fast fit and mobile services.

Did you know that UK garages aren’t regulated and mechanics don’t have to be licensed to service or repair our cars? This is why a cheap MOT or car servicing isn’t always the deal it might seem and why Citizens Advice receive so many complaints in this area. So you need to know how to judge which garages are measurably better than the rest – not just choose a local one or one that claims to be trustworthy!

Female Friendly Approved Garages

All the garages the Club works with have signed the FOXY Lady Approved Female Friendly Promise to “never overcharge, patronise or sell women anything they don’t need.”

We also look for

as well as choices to include:

We welcome all recent female feedback about garages, car dealers and tyre services in your area.

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