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Join the UK’s only motoring club for women and we’ll help you run a safer car, save time & money and reduce stress when motoring gets tough…

For example, do you know that UK garages aren’t licensed? This means that anyone can open one and employ individuals that aren’t qualified to service or repair our cars. Just think about this for a moment. Would you let an unqualified electrician or gas fitter loose in your home? So why use a mechanic who hasn’t been formally trained to do the job when you can make a better, informed and safer choice?

Club members rely on us to identify the best & female friendly motoring services, businesses and deals in their area. Exclusive membership benefits include VIP services, moneysaving offers, friendly support, a monthly newsletter full of female feedback and reviews plus a network of FOXY Lady Approved garages and car dealers.

Q. Why should we women need to take a man with us to buy a car at a fair price?
Q. Why should we women feel baffled by unnecessary mechanical jargon in garages?
Q. Why should we women be patronised or sold motoring services we don’t need?

To cut a long story short, you don’t need to put up with this sort of treatment in future. Join the Club and we’ll show you how we manage motoring matters in your best interest, putting women first for a change.



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