Car Finance Choices

Women are as financially astute as men when it comes to hunting out sales bargains and everyday shopping essentials. Which is why we are always surprised when women tell us they often delegate finance matters thinking men know more about this sort of thing than they do. They rarely do ladies, it’s just that many men appear more confident about the subject.

The Female Finance Fog Factor

It seems that many women are uncomfortable about negotiating a new car deal for themselves especially where this involves a part exchange of vehicle and car finance. Having to ‘haggle’ isn’t a dignified process for either gender and yet some motorists seem to do this much more successfully than others.

Then there’s the female fog factor – when car dealers use smoke and mirror tactics to combine deals and confuse the car buyer whilst disguising the individual financial facts.

Fortunately there are some excellent and female friendly approved finance services and car dealerships that women can rely on for a trustworthy deal.

Even so it still makes sense to do your financial planning homework first to compare your affordable choices. Car dealer finance versus cash, a credit card or mortgage extension even.

Surprisingly it’s sometimes cheaper to buy a brand new car using dealer finance – this is because the manufacturer may be prepared to subsidise the cost of finance to sell their car over another brand.

Car Finance Choices