About FOXY Lady Drivers Club

written by Steph Savill, Founder of FOXY Lady Drivers Club.

“When our daughter had a bad garage experience I was shocked to find out that UK garages aren’t regulated and mechanics don’t need to be licensed to service or repair our cars. No wonder complaints are commonplace and so many women feel ill at ease, patronised and often overcharged in this mainly masculine world.

“So I decided to set up FOXY Lady Drivers Club to help mums and daughters run safer cars by empowering them with a range of approved motoring offers and services that also represent great value for money.

“If you aren’t as confident as you’d like to be about driving, visiting garages, buying cars or insurance, you are welcome to JOIN US HERE and we’ll help you save your valuable time and money by making the right motoring decisions in future.

About FOXY’s Business Objectives

FOXY has four key business objectives.

1. To raise the standard of motoring services for women.
2. To work with the measurably best businesses and brands.
3. To help the motor industry understand what real women want and expect.
4. To identify genuinely female friendly employers in the UK retail motor industry.

About FOXY’s Business Values

FOXY’s Business Values underpin all we do.


FOXY is a female brand within the masculine-oriented world of motoring. We introduce women to the best local businesses and help Club members run their cars safely and wisely.


In the absence of industry regulation in so many areas of the UK motor industry, we help Club members steer clear of bad garage services, shoddy accident repairs, dodgy secondhand cars & used tyres that could compromise their motoring safety. We also issue Red Cards to bad businesses and ‘out’ them using our award-winning blog.


Many genuinely good automotive businesses have invested in measurable quality standards yet suffer the same reputation as bad businesses. So we identify the ones that meet our demanding standards so you know where you have a female choice. In addition, should things go wrong, FOXY acts as an independent and informal conciliator on behalf of Club members or FOXY Lady Approved businesses.


No matter how serious life gets, we all need to live our lives with LESS STRESS. With FOXY on your motoring side, we hope you’ll have time for more fun in your life.

NB: As a footnote, it’s comforting to know that, by getting things right for fussy females (like us), we’re usually delighting men in the process – who quietly thought they had no quality choices either but didn’t like to say.

FOXY Business Awards

Best UK Car Blog, Winner, Carmoney.co.uk, 2020
Best UK Car Blog, Winner, Glovebox, 2018
Top Ten Automotive Blog, Vuelio Social Media Index, 2018 & 2017
Winner, TyreSafe Online and Social Media Award, 2016 & 2014
SBS Winner, a Theo Paphitis Business Award, 2014


Winner, 2020 Best UK Automotive Blog
Business Women Excellence Awards | Finalist 2019
2018 Glovebox Award