Car Insurance Advice For Women Drivers

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  1. If you buy the cheapest car insurance you can find, you may end up paying a high proportion of any claim (this is called an excess) yourself. In fact you might end up paying the ENTIRE cost of a small accident claim. Bear this in mind when opting for a higher ‘excess’ to reduce your annual premium.
  2. We all hear of cases where premiums have been ramped up in Year Two to make up for discounted rates in Year One. Have your eyes wide open at renewal time.
  3. Always shop around and read the small print to understand precisely what you are buying (and might be sacrificing) when shopping for car insurance.
  4. Despite it being ‘Your Choice’ as stated by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to have your car repaired by an accident repair centre (ARC) of your choice, there seems little to stop some motor insurers charging you a supplement to use a repairer outside their network.
  5. Where you can use a repairer of your choice, we recommend a FOXY Lady Approved female friendly repairer. Not only do they meet our high standards in terms of workmanship but they also work hard to turn around your car repair in the quickest time possible, to reduce the associated stress.
  6. Ignorance and/or forgetfulness are no excuses at claims time. Be aware of your car insurance policy cover, always tell the truth and keep your insurer up to date with speed and traffic convictions. No-one wants their car insurance to be null and void after an accident or at any other claims time, simply because of a momentary lapse of memory…
  7. Similarly, if you forget to MOT your car and it is then involved in an accident, your insurance cover may be invalid.
  8. Yes by all means use comparison websites (especially for young drivers) but you won’t find names like Aviva or Direct Line there. That’s because they (and we) prefer to save these website fees to offer you genuine cost saving premiums.
  9. If you are making an insurance claim and/or are having problems getting a motor claim resolved fairly, we introduce members to the Motor Claim Guru for inside advice. There is no charge for their initial consultation.