Why Women Need A Motoring Club

Let’s face it, we wouldn’t need a motoring club for women if motoring services for men were good enough. But they aren’t. And because there will soon be more women drivers than male ones on British roads we think it’s time to adjust the customer focus to females now.

We’re determined to set the quality customer standard higher for women than it is at present, by encouraging garages and car dealers to compete on grounds of quality, ethics, value for money, cleanliness and customer service.

You’ll find lots of useful information within our dynamic sitemap covering the majority of motoring matters, putting women’s best interests to the fore, as ever.

How is FOXY making a difference for women?

It isn’t hard to make a difference here. UK garages aren’t regulated, mechanics don’t have to be qualified to service our cars, used cars sold by independent dealers are the biggest source of complaints for Citizens Advice and few motorists know how far to haggle for a brand new car…

Does that sound like an industry functioning at the top of its game?

If nothing more, we can make a BIG difference by

We believe that women deserve their own motoring champion to put their best interest to the fore. As the only organisation doing what we do for females, it’s fair to say we do this better than anyone else!

Vive la difference.


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