Car Servicing Tips

FOXY Lady Drivers Club works with FOXY Lady Approved garages and dealerships that have signed a promise to ‘never overcharge, patronise or sell women anything they don’t need.’

We recommend regular car servicing to keep your car safer, make it more reliable, more economic to run and to reduce its CO2 emissions. Ideally car servicing should be carried out annually as a minimum although low annual mileage might justify alternating a full (ie most expensive) car service with a less extensive interim car service or the minimum (ie cheapest) oil/filter change in between.

Garage Shopping Tips

Here are some practical tips when shopping for the best garage to service your car.

1. Ask for an actual quote, not just an estimate, and check the costs including parts, consumables (ie oil, brake fluid, coolants) labour and VAT. Confirm that any additional work should be authorised first and ask to see any replaced parts before you pay the bill.

2. Always compare what the various car servicing prices include because there isn’t one industry standard. For example, an oil service costing £80+ might sound as if it would include a lot more, but if you drive an executive model or prestige brand it probably doesn’t.

Similarly you may find terms such as ‘interim service’, ‘regular service’, ‘main service’, ‘major service’ and ‘full service’ which are all priced differently and can include different items. Where in doubt, refer back to your car’s handbook, see what should be included as a minimum, and ask your shortlisted garages to quote accordingly.

A good garage should be able to show you a copy of the service schedule for your particular model of car.

3. If you prefer to check and top up your own oils, coolant levels and replace windscreen wipers, be sure to tell the garage not to do these things when you leave your car with them. Otherwise they may well do this as a matter of course and charge you a proportion of their hourly labour rate.

4. Having chosen the garage, ask that they include the name of the mechanic who worked on your car on their invoice. If you have any questions afterwards you then know who to ask.

5. Occasionally garages forget to stamp the service handbooks. You need them to, come car sales time, so always check they have done this when collecting the car and that this is correct and dated accordingly.

6. If your car is a hybrid or fully electric one make sure your garage has the skills to service or repair it. This is a specialist job and not all mechanics have the necessary training.

NB: In the UK’s unregulated garage industry don’t be overly impressed by a low price for car servicing. And whilst a friendly receptionist is a real bonus, don’t forget it’s the quality workmanship that matters most…

Look for evidence of measurable quality and, where in doubt, choose a FOXY Lady Approved female friendly garage, repairer or car dealer.

NB: Remember that you could be risking your personal safety and that of your family/other motorists if you choose a cheap garage price and end up with shoddy workmanship at a bad garage. The onus is on the motorist to do their homework in advance – this is where the Club helps women (and could help you).

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