Car Insurance Information For Women

Women drivers including Club members can register for a car insurance quote here. We will contact you at renewal time to compete with your best quote then.

For obvious reasons, the insured driver should be the one who drives the most miles in the insured vehicle. Recognising this, FOXY Lady Insurance provides insurance services for members of not for profit FOXY Lady Drivers Club. Because only women can be members of this club (like the WI) this allows involved insurers to choose which members to quote for within an all female affinity group.

When Shopping for Car Insurance

Here is some information to help women when shopping for their car insurance at renewal time.

  1. If you are a novice driver we strongly recommend the Pass Plus training course. Yes it means more lessons but it’ll make you a better/safer driver and many insurers will give you a significant discount.
  2. Similarly if you are a nervous motorist or one returning to driving after bereavement, divorce, an accident or road rage incident we wholeheartedly recommend the IAM Roadsmart Advanced Driver Course costing £149 – this is endorsed by FOXY Founder, Steph Savill and Advanced Drivers will benefit from a discount off FOXY Lady Insurance premiums.
  3. Do your homework first. Know your car details, any no claims bonus (NCB) entitlement, your (and any partner’s) driving record and any speeding points.
  4. Consider multiple vehicle cover for all family cars/drivers. One policy SHOULD be cheaper than the cost of many policies but always check that you COULD unpick this and claim your accrued no claims bonus, should you need to do this in future.
  5. Tell the insurer your likely annual mileage – if low, this SHOULD reduce the premium.
  6. Ask what their maximum no claims bonus (NCB) is. If you’re entitled to the maximum (c4 years no claims history) and it’s less than 70% NCB there may well be a better deal out there.
  7. Never lie, overlook or cover anything up. Similarly economic forgetfulness is no excuse in law and COULD invalidate your insurance when you need it most.
  8. If you are cutting back on cover to save money, be sure you know precisely what that means. Third Party covers anyone or anything you hit but not your car. Third Party Fire and Theft is the same but adds protection against fire or theft of your vehicle. Comprehensive cover gives you all this AND vehicle protection, even if you cause the damage yourself. There is often very little difference between these cover levels so we always recommend comprehensive cover as you get so much more peace of mind.
  9. Always read the small print; sometimes the cover is so restrictive it may never pay out! Be on the look out for high excesses – it may be reasonable to have to pay the first £250 of any claim but think twice if this is £500+ as some are now – this COULD be more of a gamble than an insurance policy!
  10. Before choosing the lowest rate regardless, ask about any special features that might be included, or available at a fraction of the retail cost. For example, the likes of lost key cover, legal expenses, breakdown cover, a protected no claims bonus or even an accident/camera kit for your glovebox (in case your phone battery is low should you have an accident) are all low cost extras and can be good for your peace of mind.
  11. If you prefer to pay monthly, many insurers will offer this on a direct debit basis; it’ll be more expensive in total of course.
  12. Bogus (and inflated) insurance claims are costing honest motorists c£30 each a year. If you know of an insurance claim that isn’t genuine please report it to the Insurance Fraud Bureau’s Cheat Line on 0800 328 2550. It’s the right thing to do and it’s confidential…

For motoring services that put women first for a change, why not join FOXY Lady Drivers Club here. It’s a low cost, lifetime, online subscription and, assuming you use these, you will save lots of money in the years ahead – as well as having a motoring friend to tell you what you don’t (but should?) know.


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