A day in the life of a (busy) Marketing Manager

A day in the life of a (busy) Marketing Manager

Have you often wondered what a Marketing Manager did during a typical working day?

So did we, so we asked Steph Colinswood, Marketing Manager for used vehicle warranty company WMS Group” www.wmsgroupuk.com and this is what she told us…

All in a typical day. We were impressed..

7.45am My working day seems to start the moment I wake up, by replying to emails whilst catching up with the morning news. I email myself a priority job-list for the day, check our Twitter feeds and respond to a text message from one of our account managers before getting ready for work.

8.47am Arrive at the office which gives me time for a quick cigarette before the commotion really starts. Respond to emails that have arrived since leaving for work, along with checking four of our other email accounts.

9.32am Contact the designers to reveal the latest project they are working on. The WMS Group have ten different brands, six websites and countless products so the designers are certainly kept on their toes. I spend a lot of time working with them and issuing creative briefs, as anything that leaves our office must be up to my exacting standards – they rarely catch a break!

10.05am Writing content for email shots, advertisements, press releases and editorial features is on the agenda today. WMS mainly focus on the business-to-business sector of the motor trade, so most of our marketing revolves around lead generation, dealer recruitment and relationship management.

11.04am Weekly check-in with our sales team who handle the enquiries from two of our consumer-facing brands. I fill them in about the upcoming marketing platforms, they relay feedback and market research, and we decide to adjust the pricing structure of one particular warranty product.

11.27am A big project I am working on at the moment is our bi-annual 12 page company newspaper called Fast Lane which is posted out to thousands of our current and prospective dealers. Today I am putting together articles on an automotive social media company and showroom finance.

1.15pm I turn my attention back to the presentation started last week, for our sales meeting on Thursday. Our business development director wants me to give an overview of our current marketing activity and the responses/results generated since the start of the year.

2.58pm – Time for a quick meeting with our Directors to run through recent proposals. We are currently putting together our activity for next year which involves lots of planning and negotiation.

3.18pm We are just about to relaunch our rewards scheme that we offer to all dealers, policy holders and partners. We wanted to make it as user friendly as possible, so have been busy redesigning it and rewriting the content. A conversation with the web developers tells me we are on track to go live with it this weekend.

3.29pm Finally have time to read the latest industry news and a couple of the articles are very interesting so I adapt them into blogs for two of our own websites. Writing content comes easily to me these days as I do so much of it, and I manage to get them written and uploaded in good time too.

4.12pm – Two back-to-back calls from companies that we are working with to check the responses to our activity so far. This is then followed by a call to our photographer because more Safe and Sound dealers are ready to go live so we arrange their launch date photography for next week.

4.58pm Should be thinking about finishing for the day but there are deadlines looming so I need to stay behind again. No rest for the wicked it seems.

We’re glad to see it isn’t just FOXY that works these sort of hours or has a lengthy ‘to do list’ either Steph – whilst enjoying it all of course.

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