Top Motoring Tips

Here are our top tips for women drivers to do with everyday motoring, insurance, new cars, garages, tyres, accident repairs and car dealers.

Car UpgradeFinding Your Dream Car for Road Trips: A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Cars Available

Are you dreaming of an epic road trip? It's not just about the destination, but also the journey - finding the perfect car to get you there is essential!

Car UpgradeThinking of upgrading your car? Here's how to sell it

If you’re thinking about upgrading your car and need to raise funds, selling it privately can earn you more money compared to selling it to a dealership...

Autumn DrivingThe Return of Autumn Driving

Autumn: the fall of leaves, temperature, and daylight hours. But how do these effect our daily driving conditions?

Buying a carBuying a Diesel Car.

There are some quite significant differences from petrol that you should know if you’re considering buying a used diesel car.

Where's the best place to buy a used car?Where's the best place to buy a used car?

With summer on the horizon and road trips making a well deserved comeback, now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a new set of wheels.

Car Shopping TipsCar Shopping Tips

Buying a car can be an exciting experience but at the same time a little daunting. Going for a used car rather than new can save you a lot of pennies upfront, however there are several things you must look out for before handing over your well-earned cash.

Christmas Presents or Car Repairs – could you afford both?Christmas Presents or Car Repairs – could you afford both?

With family visits, Christmas events a more over the festive period, can you really afford to be without transportation?
Get yourself a free Best4 Warranty quote and you may be surprised how much we can help lessen the risk.

Best4 Warranty’s Winter Checklist 2021Best4 Warranty’s Winter Checklist 2021

Use our Best4 Warranty Winter Checklist make sure you have all the items you need during the Winter months.

What are the rules around e-scooters? Confusion reigns!What are the rules around e-scooters? Confusion reigns!

Indeed, e-scooter culprits could face fines of up to £300 and six points on their licence if caught by the police. It only takes six points accumulated within the first two years of passing a test for a new driver’s licence to be revoked.

Terrifying Tips for Driving on HalloweenTerrifying Tips for Driving on Halloween

The scary reality is that Halloween is one of the deadliest days of the year for pedestrians and pedestrian fatality is 43% higher than average.

Top Tips for Travelling with Your Dog!Top Tips for Travelling with Your Dog!

A happy dog leads to a pleasurable journey. Make sure to pack some of your pup’s favourite toys, avoid blasting loud music and be conscious of driving gently.

What is Breakdown Cover?What is Breakdown Cover?

How much does it cost if you don’t have breakdown recovery?
Instant breakdown cover could cost you up to £110 just to set up the account.

Buying A Used Car ChecklistBuying A Used Car Checklist

Buying a used car isn’t as mysterious as it once has been. Nowadays buyers can get a full track record (including MOT and Servicing history) before making the commitment of buying a big-ticket item such as a car.

How drivers can prepare their car for life after lockdownHow drivers can prepare their car for life after lockdown

These are just the major checks that you should make as we ease out of lockdown and your car usage starts to increase to ensure that your vehicle is still safe and roadworthy.

Essentials to Consider When Buying a WarrantyEssentials to Consider When Buying a Warranty

Be sure to note that Wear and Tear cover ceases to be applicable once the vehicle has exceeded 8 years of age or 80,000 miles, even if this occurs during the lifetime of the policy.

Three models to consider when choosing an electric carThree models to consider when choosing an electric car

Although 2030 may seem quite a way off, it’s less than nine years away, and if the UK is to meet its target of stopping fossil fuel-powered cars from being sold and on UK roads, we need to start looking more into electric vehicles now.

Get to know More About the Fuel Pump and its typesGet to know More About the Fuel Pump and its types

Learning more about your car can be a fun thing. It allows you to maintain your car properly and you start to understand your car’s language.

Best Cars For Learner DriversBest Cars For Learner Drivers

When it comes to choosing the best car to learn in, you need to take a few things into consideration and keep in mind what features will be the most convenient for you as a provisional license holder.

Motoring tips if you're involved in a collisionMotoring tips if you're involved in a collision

If you’ve been involved in a collision, you’ll know how scary it can be. But do you, and your family and friends, know what to do when it happens? Hence our tips to make sure you are prepared, just in case.

How to concentrate on drivingHow to concentrate on driving

Positive concentration behind the wheel will help you avoid the many roadside and in-car distractions that cause accidents. You know it makes sense.

Driving in rainy conditionsDriving in rainy conditions

Heavy rain affects visibility, so always take your driving seriously and slowly. Here are some useful tips to help you decide how to tackle this, where absolutely necessary.

Getting Ready For The School RunGetting Ready For The School Run

September is a busy time for motorists with many MOTs and insurance renewals on the horizon. But for motoring Mums and Grans it’s also the start of a new school term, coronavirus concerns and a busy morning...

Caravan Towing AdviceCaravan Towing Advice

Serious caravan towing incidents are usually down to inexperienced drivers or experienced drivers who become complacent.

Anxiety Levels Post LockdownAnxiety Levels Post Lockdown

Anxiety levels can affect motoring confidence and make certain tasks and situations seem like they are too much to take on – some of us feel overwhelmed as a result of lockdown.

How to handle road rageHow to handle road rage

Now that traffic levels are nearly back to pre lockdown levels we’d like to remind members how to handle road rage during these stressful times.

How to Manage Your Credit RatingsHow to Manage Your Credit Ratings

A good personal credit rating will make it easier to arrange finance. Either way it makes sense to know what your rating says and to challenge this if need be.

Car Care During Coronavirus CrisisCar Care During Coronavirus Crisis

Top Ten car care tips when laying up your car during the coronavirus crisis

Car Shopping TipsCar Shopping Tips

Buying a new car should be fun but this depends on how well you have done your car buying homework in advance. Members of FOXY Lady Drivers Club can call upon us for advice and support.

MOT Preparation TipsMOT Preparation Tips

Too many cars fail their MOT for the lack of simple and regular DIY checks we can all do re tyres, lights and windscreen wipers as a safety minimum.

Don't Be a Car Theft VictimDon't Be a Car Theft Victim

Keyless cars are convenient and sold to us as a feature but they’re also the gateway to car theft in too many cases. Be aware and take simple precautions here.

New Year Motoring ResolutionsNew Year Motoring Resolutions

How about resolving to be a safer and greener motorist in 2020?

Tyre Tips from a leading woman in the industryTyre Tips from a leading woman in the industry

Alongside Tyresafe and its supporters, FOXY doesn’t approve of part worn tyres so we asked a leading tyre expert, Win in Stockton-on-Tees, for her tyre buying advice.

Top tips re car battery careTop tips re car battery care

With a bit of TLC your battery will keep on going. Be sure to look after it and know what to do if it shows signs of being under stress. A full charge is likely to give you longer before you need to buy another one!

Driving safely in fogDriving safely in fog

Fog is an added hazard as winter approaches. It’s important to know how to help others see you and when to use (and switch off) fog lights.

How to survive car travel with childrenHow to survive car travel with children

Taking a child on holiday can be a stressful experience especially for first-time parents or grandparents.

How To Find Cheap But Secure Airport ParkingHow To Find Cheap But Secure Airport Parking

Tips to get the best value airport parking and steer clear of the cowboys that risk the security of your car.

Theft Prevention Tips re Keyless CarsTheft Prevention Tips re Keyless Cars

The number of car thefts as a result of keyless entry methods has risen recently. So what can to do to make sure this doesn’t affect you?

Emergency breakdown coverEmergency breakdown cover

Make sure you have right emergency breakdown cover and that you know how to contact the service when you need to.

Happy Motoring Tips at EasterHappy Motoring Tips at Easter

This year Easter will be busier than ever on our roads because many motorists are staying at home not travelling to Europe because of Brexit uncertainty.

Driving Tips For Hayfever SufferersDriving Tips For Hayfever Sufferers

Taking hayfever remedies can make you drowsy behind the wheel. Know what you can take to help and if you need something stronger get others to drive…

Private practice for learner driversPrivate practice for learner drivers

Learning to drive is expensive so if parents can help by observing driving behaviour before the test this experience will help. Needless to say, rules apply.

A Critical Checklist For DriversA Critical Checklist For Drivers

Cars don’t just let us down in winter. In fact it’s a well known thing that they let us down when it’s most stressful and inconvenient. So best to be prepared we say.

Essential tips when selling your carEssential tips when selling your car

Whilst it’s often easier to trade your car in, this mightn’t get you the best price at the end of the day. But you do have to factor in the cost of a relatively stress-free car selling transaction, and your time of course.

How to keep your car safe and secureHow to keep your car safe and secure

We hope these tips might remind us to do something that prevents our car being stolen, or us assaulted.

Be a better driver in 2019Be a better driver in 2019

At New Year time a good resolution for drivers might be to refresh your motoring knowledge and become a better, more confident one in the process.

Driving in snow – motoring tipsDriving in snow – motoring tips

Well worth reading this motoring advice for when you might have to drive in snowy conditions.

Top tips when driving in FranceTop tips when driving in France

France may be geographically close to the UK but it’s a very different place when it comes to motoring rules and law. Make sure you’ve done your homework before you venture autoroute-wise because ignorance is no excuse in any Gendarme...

Driving Abroad: Clean Air StickersDriving Abroad: Clean Air Stickers

A useful driving tip when motoring in France – Crit-Air ie anti-pollution stickers are required for all British-registered vehicles driving in Paris.

Servicing hybrid carsServicing hybrid cars

Hybrid and electric cars need servicing by qualified technicians who know how to do this professionally and safely. As yet very few garages have invested in this expertise as yet.

The Meaning of Car Safety Technology AcronymsThe Meaning of Car Safety Technology Acronyms

Cars are getting safer but road accidents don’t seem to reduce as much as they should if everyone had these safety technology systems on board their cars. Maybe one day. Here’s a jargon glossary to help we hope.

Tyre Safety MonthTyre Safety Month

Our message for Tyre Safety Month is to always buy the best tyres you can afford and then check their tread and pressure levels monthly. No excuses.

Stay Safe Tips when Motoring To SchoolStay Safe Tips when Motoring To School

With the new school term on the horizon here are some important road safety tips for parents and children.

Car insurance shopping tipsCar insurance shopping tips

If you register for an insurance quote with FOXY Lady Insurance you’ll get a complimentary lifetime online membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club with added benefits!

Are You Road Trip Ready?Are You Road Trip Ready?

This is our essential road trip checklist for you to print off and start going through a week before you travel.

Tyre Safety Puncture TipsTyre Safety Puncture Tips

Here are some practical tyre safety tips to help you detect, hopefully prevent and at worst cope should a tyre puncture happen. Which we hope it doesn’t of course.

5 Important Reasons to Join A Female Driving Club5 Important Reasons to Join A Female Driving Club

Reasons why women should join a motoring club for women. To enjoy a better deal that’ll save them time, money and stress. FOXY is the only club doing this for females.

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