Are You Road Trip Ready?

Are You Road Trip Ready?

Before setting off on a long road-trip or holiday, make sure you’ve checked the car and packed all you need for a safe and stress-free journey.

This is our essential road trip checklist to print off and start going through a week or so before you travel.

Check the car

First off, if you suspect the car needs any repairs or is overdue a service, get this seen to before any long road journey (or any journey!).

It’s not worth risking your safety and that of your passengers. FOXY Lady Drivers Club members are entitled to free car checks from most of their approved garages, so do take advantage of this well in advance.

There are small checks you can take care of yourself – which can be remembered using the P-O-W-D-E-R acronym. The day before travelling at least, check the oil and water levels plus top up the screen wash.

Check your tyres

As you know, we are devoted advocates for tyre safety awareness, helping our members understand all aspects of purchasing, fitting and care. Read our guide about tyre safety facts here; we recommend you (the driver) check your tyres at least monthly. If in any doubt, take the car to a FOXY Lady Approved garage or tyre centre – remember they’ve signed the FOXY Promise to “never overcharge, patronise or sell women anything they don’t need.” And don’t forget to check the spare tyre or puncture repair kit!

Check your emergency kit

Every car should have an emergency kit, if only for piece of mind. It does depend on your car’s make and model what you pack and the time of year you’re travelling. Generally the following items are recommended:

Warning triangle
High visibility vest
Torch and spare batteries
Spare bulbs
Booster cables
A first aid kit
Windscreen scraper

You could also include a rain mac or poncho, tyre inflator and towrope but NEVER attempt vehicle recovery or repairs alone, at the side of the road.

Map your route

It’s all too easy to rely on GPS technology for route mapping. And with good reason, it’s extremely smart and fuss-free. However, when you’re the driver and the navigator if the tech hits a snag, it can be a headache.

Have a quick look at the route before setting off, familiarise yourself with the direction and general gist. Even writing a list of the road names and landmarks on a small piece of paper can be helpful.

Don’t forget to plan in adequate rest stops to take a break from driving.

Pack a comfort box

A ‘comfort box’ is a mixture of practical and fun items to ensure long journeys go without a hitch.

Our box generally contains:

  • Snacks, such as energy bars or fresh fruit.
  • A few biscuits or other treats plus some mints.
  • A flask of coffee (or tea, whatever whet’s your whistle).
  • Water bottles.
  • Tissues.
  • Lip balm.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sun protection cream SPF30.
  • An MP3 player stacked with playlists.
  • A tablet device preloaded with plenty of fun films for the kids.
  • Phone charging cables.
  • Portable battery for devices.
  • Pens, paper.
  • Spare change for tolls or parking machines.

So, have you checked everything on the list? Packed the essentials and comfort items?

If the answer is yes, you are now road trip ready!

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