How to keep your car safe and secure

How to keep your car safe and secure

Our cars are at increased risk of being stolen in dark wintery months so we welcome IAM RoadSmart’s tips as a reminder of what we should and should not do to keep them (and us) safe and secure.

Don’t unlock your car before you reach it

We’re all eager to unlock the car as soon as possible in car parks to avoid the hassle of finding our keys when we get to the car. But unlocking your car before you reach it gives thieves a longer period to access valuables and make a run for it, especially if your boot opens automatically. Be sure to only unlock your car when you get to it to prevent any risk of theft. 

Don’t leave your keys lying around

When you’re out for dinner or at a friends house don’t leave your keys lying around. And be security conscious about code grabbing when using your keyless entry – check to see/be suspicious if you are being watched.

Hide any valuables

Before you leave your car, make sure you secure any valuables and keep them out of sight. Putting them in your glove compartment or in the boot of your car makes good sense.

Don’t hang your keys next to doors or windows

Today’s thieves use a ‘fishing’ method where they insert a hook through a letter box or window and search for keys. This can happen when you’re at home and you may not even notice until you look for your keys and find them gone. Make sure you put your keys somewhere safe and secure, far away from windows and doors.

Never leave your car running whilst going indoors to pick something up

It will only take an opportunist a few seconds to drive away.

Park wisely to make sure your car isn’t damaged by one that’s too close

If a neighbouring car is full of trolley dents or damaged for starters, their driver and passengers probably won’t respect your pristine one.

Remember that daytime parking spaces look different at night

Imagine returning to your parking space at night. Is there a light? Is it near a busy community. Or might you run the risk of being assaulted returning to a car in the middle of nowhere, on your own, late at night?

Tips like this are common-sense in most instances but if one reminds us to do something that prevents our car being stolen, or us assaulted, then our time reading this won’t have been wasted!

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