What is Breakdown Cover?

What is Breakdown Cover?

Best4 Warranty

Best4 Warranty includes breakdown cover and UK-wide roadside assistance in most of their warranty policies, regardless of if it’s a mechanical or electrical failure.

What is Breakdown Cover?
Breakdown cover is there to help if your car ever breaks down. Your car could breakdown for any kind of reason. Common breakdown failures can include:
- Car battery dies
- A puncture in your tyre
- Lost keys
- Misfuelling

Total Peace of Mind
Our cars are used at all times of the day, any day a week, all year long. We totally rely on them to get us from A to B. Roadside assistance means total reassurance that an expert can perform roadside repairs on your vehicle if it comes to a halt.

What’s Included?
- Nationwide Recovery
- Homestart
- Misfuelling
- Emergency Key Protection
- Vehicle Hire
- Roadside Assistance
- Onward Travel
- Overnight Accommodation
- Emergency Driver

How much does it cost if you don’t have breakdown recovery?
Instant breakdown cover could cost you up to £110 just to set up the account. Often, you’ll need to ring providers and even then, you will receive very basic cover. It is highly recommended to cover your vehicle with breakdown cover for your peace of mind.

Give Best4 Warranty a call on 03300 944 444 and get your bespoke warranty quote (with included, free, breakdown cover!).

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