Best4 Warranty’s Winter Checklist 2021

Best4 Warranty’s Winter Checklist 2021

We can all agree that since November has well and truly embraced the Winter weather. And as the rain and the frost kick in, drivers are more likely to need to stop for emergencies. You are more likely to get caught in traffic or breakdown in Winter due to the bad weather. While some of these situations cannot be helped, there are a few extra items you can keep in your car to make sure you stay safe.

Use our Best4 Warranty Winter Checklist make sure you have all the items you need during the Winter months.

Warm Clothes and Waterproofs
During a breakdown, it is advised for the driver and all passengers to get out of the car to stay safe. Make sure to pack extra warm clothing and waterproofs as you may be waiting a while. (We would also avoid travelling in your pyjamas even if it’s just a trip to the shops… we can feel the second-hand embarrassment through the screen).
Sturdy Footwear
There’s nothing worse than having to leave your car unexpectedly and then slipping on wet leaves or an icy pavement. Make sure to wear or pack hardwearing shoes with a good grip will help you get to a safe place away from the car. Lets leave the ice skating to the professionals.
A Hot Beverage in a Flask
OK, so we’re not expecting you to take a hot drink with you EVERY journey you make in case you break down in the cold, but there is nothing like a hot drink to keep you toasty. Though we would advise to be weary of bringing an ultra-grande-gingerbread-latte on long journeys when you’ll have limited toilet access!
If you are caught in traffic because of bad weather or a bad-weather collision, you might need to wait for an extended period of time. Snacks will help keep your energy and concentration levels up. We suggest stashing some wrapped sweets which won’t cause too much mess if spilt.
Hi-vis jacket
There are fewer daylight hours during winter. A hi-vis fluorescent jacket will make you clearer to see to other people in their vehicles.
Warning triangles
Reflective warning triangles will make you more visible if you break down as well as warn other drivers that there is a broken-down vehicle ahead. This will give them a chance to slow down before they reach you.
CAUTION Do not put a warning triangle on the hard shoulder if you are on a motorway. If you are on a road and it is safe, you can put a warning triangle at least 45m (50 yards) behind your vehicle and one in front of your vehicle.
Jump leads
Flat batteries are more likely in winter due the cold. Plus your car is more likely to be sat for longer periods than usual without being driven if you are relaxing during the holidays.
Most of the time, a flat battery can get going again with a jump start from a fellow driver. This is where jump leads come in handy. Or if you are travelling roads that are more remote, a rechargeable jump-starter pack could be a beneficial purchase.
If there’s deep snow or your stuck in mud, you may need to dig your wheels out, so a shovel could come in handy.

A lot of these items can be kept in a box and stored in your boot so you will always be prepared.

Make sure your car stays safe, check out our extended car warranty policies here!

Check out our Winter Essentials List for what you may need this winter!

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