5 Important Reasons to Join A Female Driving Club

5 Important Reasons to Join A Female Driving Club

While there is a wealth of motoring advice and support out there for drivers much of it is still male biased, despite around 64% of women holding a full driving licence.

That’s why belonging to a female driving organisation like ours gives women unique and tailored support for whatever they need most at the time.

And here are some of the most important reasons why joining a female driving club makes sound sense.

1. To enjoy fuss-free, professional motoring.

We have many devoted motoring members who are passionate about their cars. But we also have a substantial amount that join for purely practical reasons. After all, for the busy, juggling modern woman, a car simply gets us where we need to be.

Most women want quick tips, expert advice and reliable recommendations to save them time and money whilst helping them organise the upkeep of the family fleet, keeping these cars safe and legal.

2. There are no stupid questions.

It seems odd that it’s a rite of passage for most males to know a lot about cars from a young age, but still not many females do.

Clearly this can change like the number of great male chefs has, despite the kitchen being seen as a female domain of old.

So if teachers and parents can teach us all food hygiene and kitchen safety (because we all want to eat safely when we’re adults) how come so few of us are taught (or want to learn) the basics about driving and car safety or everyday car maintenance when we’re young?

But should we still have to decipher our mechanic’s often overly complex run down on what is needed for the car service? No, because our FOXY Lady Approved garages, dealers and tyre centres have all signed a promise when they join our network to ‘never overcharge, patronise or sell women anything they don’t need.’ So you can really trust them to have your best interests at heart.

3. Say hello to driving confidence…

We like to be positive about the female driving experience. Let’s not forget that statistically, women still are safer drivers than men. We’re definitely safer than boy racers and even though we tend to have more minor accidents than them over . And our numbers on the roads are climbing whilst those of male drivers are in decline.

Post-war social mobility over the decades has lead to greater financial independence for women as we shatter glass ceilings and claim equal rights to car ownership in staff car parks.

It’s a shame much of the motoring news and online content is still quite clearly aimed at men. Which is why we feature car reviews by women for women (no ‘boy racer’ language à la Top Gear) among other things.

Plus we have a new Register of FOXY Lady Approved driving instructors for learners or females wanting to refresh their motoring knowledge or take an advanced driver course.

And if you or anyone you know suffers from motoring anxiety, we have a special package of support services so no female need ever feel on their own, or without a motoring friend, when they need one most.

4. Female purchasing power

Savvy dealers and automotive retailers are recognising the purchasing power of women as consumers. To the extent that we have been able to negotiate superb discounts for members on new cars from selected car manufacturers – so women can enjoy great deals without the hassle of haggling.

We are often sent car accessories to review, with a growing number aimed at the female motoring lifestyle market. In this way women drivers can see which ones pass muster and so your motoring money is spent wisely as a result of this inside information!

5. Endorse proper standards.

A motoring club isn’t just about offering its members rewards and support, this one’s about raising standards for everyone regardless of gender – especially in the UK where service and repair garages are unregulated and mechanics don’t have to be licensed.

By joining a club, you’re endorsing their values and sending a message to rogue traders everywhere to say you won’t be messed with. And should anyone try to mess with you, you tell the Club and, if need be, we tell local Club members what has happened. In this way they can steer clear of this business and avoid this happening to them in future.

We’ve even issued Red Cards to draw attention to businesses that clearly don’t give a damn about standards or customer safety.

It’s quick and easy to join FOXY Lady Drivers Club here.

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