Top Tips for Travelling with Your Dog!

Top Tips for Travelling with Your Dog!

Travelling in the car with your dog can be a fun experience for the both of you to explore new areas. Whether you’re taking them on a staycation, visiting family or just fancied a new place for a good, long walk.
But do you know the safety measures you need to carry out for your pet to be secure in your vehicle? The Highway Code states it is the driver’s responsibility to: “Make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves if you stop quickly.” With this in place, if you are in an accident caused by your dog distracting you, this could be considered ‘dangerous driving’.
Read our top tips for travelling with your dog, your fury friend will thank you later!
1. Before Departure:
- Start by travelling on shorter trips to your local area. This will let your dog get use to the car’s smells, noises and movement.
- Exercise your pooch by taking them on a walk or participate in some high energy playtime. If your dog can sleep in the car, they will feel much more relaxed!
- Schedule dinner time 2 hours before travelling. This will help their stomach settle and reduce the likelihood of motion sickness. For longer journeys, bring a light meal and allow enough time for them to eat and digest properly.
2. During the Journey:
- Secure your pup with either a crate, travel harness, carrier or boot gate. The less movement they can do the safer the journey will be for you and your dog.
- Do not let your dog travel with their head out the window. This is highly dangerous and can cause injury.
- If travelling for a longer duration, factor in regular toilet and exercise breaks. The trip will be much more pleasant for the both of you without any accidents!
- When leaving the car, always keep them on a lead.
- Don’t ever leave your dog in a hot car. This can lead your dog to overheat which can be fatal.
3. When You Arrive:
- You’ll want to stretch you legs and so will your pet! Let them have a walk around on the lead once it’s safe to do so.
- Find a suitable spot for a toilet trip. If you’re bursting for the loo when you arrive your dog probably will be too!
A happy dog leads to a pleasurable journey. Make sure to pack some of your pup’s favourite toys, avoid blasting loud music and be conscious of driving gently. With these tips you’ll be able to travel across the country with your four-legged friend with ease and enjoyment!

Guest blog written by Isabelle Day at Best4 Warranty

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