Tyre Safety Month

Tyre Safety Month

The image shows you the borderline difference between 3mm and 1.6mm tyre tread - read on to see why this matters.


The following post was written by FOXY Founder, Steph Savill, for Tyre Safety Month.

If only all motorists could have the tyre safety education I’ve been lucky enough to experience.

This started for me when I visited the Continental Tyres tyre testing track in Germany a few years ago.

I was forced outside my motoring comfort zone and made to drive faster than I would normally, in a high performance car, in wet and dry conditions and on a range of tyres including premium brand names I knew well and budget tyre brands I was less familiar with.

The key to my tyre safety learning was the tyre tread level of the tyres involved. These were either 8mm (the equivalent of a new car tyre with maximum road grip), 3mm or the legal limit 1.6mm (see the image above).

I soon dreaded driving on the worst combination of 1.6mm tread and a budget tyre based on my experience. And yet this is the legal combination that most law abiding motorists think is safe – not realising how much safer they’d be driving on a minimum of 3mm tyre tread for example.

I quickly learned that the better the tyre and its tread, the more chance I had of braking quickly without skidding or aquaplaning. And it doesn’t take long to work out that the time your tyres take to stop COULD be the difference between life and death.

FOXY Message For #TyreSafetyMonth

My message for Tyre Safety Month is a three fold one…

1) Always buy the best tyres you can afford.

2) Learn how to check your tyre tread and pressure, then do it EVERY MONTH.

3) The driver is always responsible for HER tyres, not her partner.

#TyreSafetyMonth Support

Here’s how to check your tyre tread.

Here’s how to find your correct tyre pressure.

Here’s where to choose a FOXY Lady Approved tyre centre that has signed a promise to ‘never overcharge, patronise or sell you anything you don’t need.’ They will check your tyres for free, advise you about the right tyres if you need new ones AND give you a free gift membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club in exchange for your feedback about their customer service.

If not for you, perhaps a wife, partner or daughter might be helped here? Here’s where to either join The Club yourself or buy her the gift of improved motoring knowledge.

What’s stopping you? Your tyres of course. Make sure they’re safe enough to save lives when it REALLY matters.

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