Be a better driver in 2019

Be a better driver in 2019

Every year we’re expected to make and stick to New Year resolutions that are all too often the same as last year’s. Why not resolve to do something a bit different this time? Here’s how to be a better driver (says IAM Roadsmart), saving your valuable time, money and motoring stress, says FOXY.

Either way here’s a clever New Year mnemonic (aka easy to recall checklist) covering a range of tips for you to hopefully tick off because you’ve done most of them already!

N ew year, new car

Think about the effect your car can have on the environment. If you are looking to get a new car, make sure you research its emissions and road tax costs. Choose one with the latest safety kit such as autonomous emergency braking (AEB) because we all need a guardian angel at times.

E yesight

The NHS suggests having an eye test every two years and the driver is always responsible for being fit to drive. Getting your eyes tested regularly will also show up any concerns at an early stage. It’s easy to check your vision yourself – can you read a number plate clearly from 20 metres?

W eather

Always heed weather warnings all year around. If the weather is really bad, consider postponing your journey until a more appropriate time, or plan another method of transport if possible.

Y ear-round maintenance

Clean your windows, lights, mirrors and number plates regularly. Make it a monthly discipline to check your vehicle’s fluid levels, tyre pressure/tread depth, lights and windscreen wipers.

E co-driving

A planned drive is more likely an economical drive. Having a good sense of your vehicle’s power and gears will save fuel, and makes it safer to drive. For example, there is no point racing up to a red traffic light or jumping individual cars in traffic queues!

A nticipate

Consider what the traffic and other people around you may do, especially at traffic lights, roundabouts and junctions. Observing, anticipating and planning should be at the heart of your driving.

R efuel

Be sure to keep an eye on your tank, especially when embarking upon long journeys. Refuelling early saves you the stress of trying to find a petrol station in an area you don’t know. Running out of fuel causes hundreds of motorway breakdowns every year.

IAM Roadsmart reminds us: “The New year is a common time for people to reflect and evaluate their goals for the upcoming year. Why not begin by incorporating your driving behaviour into your list of resolutions for 2019? Why not resolve to make it better this year?”

A great start would be to join FOXY Lady Drivers Club – together we’ll help you cope with all aspects of your motoring – to save you time, money and stress.

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