Essentials to Consider When Buying a Warranty

Essentials to Consider When Buying a Warranty

Best4 Warranty

Claim Limits
Choose your own claim limit. This is the maximum amount, per claim that you can receive. If your claim is more than you claim limit, you will still only be able to claim the claim amount.

Labour Rate
Independent and main dealer garages will charge customers money to diagnose the problem with their cars.

This ranges from around £65 for independent dealers and £200 for main dealers and warranty providers will pay this if the claim is valid on the policy chosen.

Wear and Tear
What is Wear and Tear cover?
Wear and tear is if a part breaks or fails, due to the mileage or running of the car.

The wear and tear damage would be caused by the repeat use rather than a mechanical or electrical failure.

Is Wear and Tear Normally Included in Warranty Cover?
Wear and tear is not normally included in warranty cover, however you can choose to include it when getting your Best4 Warranty quote.

Is There an Age Limit for Wear and Tear?
Best4 Warranty will not reject a claim of a covered component on the basis of wear and tear on vehicles whose current age and mileage is less than 8 years or 80,000 miles respectively.

Be sure to note that Wear and Tear cover ceases to be applicable once the vehicle has exceeded 8 years of age or 80,000 miles, even if this occurs during the lifetime of the policy.

How To Make A Claim
The claims process is pretty straight forward at Best4 Warranty.
1) Stop driving your car, it may make the problem worse.
2) Take your car into a VAT registered garage
3) Before they make any repairs, make sure you ask them to give us a call on: 03432 271 499. This checks in with our claim team to ensure the repair is covered by your warranty.
4) If the component is covered by your Best4 Warranty, the repairer will receive consent to make the repair.
5) Our claims team will ask the repairer how they would like to be paid. Sometimes they will ask for us to directly pay them, which may take up to 2 weeks. Or they could ask you to pay, and we can then reimburse you.

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