Ellen Karmios is a STEM Ambassador in Sussex

Ellen Karmios is a STEM Ambassador in Sussex

With three older brothers and a father who runs his own motorcycle repair business it’s probably no great surprise that Ellen Karmios decided on a career in the motor industry at an early age. She started her City & Guilds course in Automotive Technology at Durrington High School then moved to Northbrook College in Shoreham by Sea, to complete this.

Then life intervened for Ellen and her baby daughter arrived on the scene, causing her to question whether her original career choice was the right one to pursue in her new family situation.

On reflection she decided to head off in a different career direction, signing up for a Health and Social Care course. Fortunately for the motor industry, this didn’t challenge her sufficiently so she opted to take a Foundation Degree in Motorsport Engineering instead. She is now on course to complete this at BSc Hons level.

As far as Ellen’s career ambitions are concerned she’d love to work in Formula One but she’s equally as interested in a motor industry role that involves engineering design, particularly in the field of new clutch technology.

“What I love about engineering” she explained “is that it either works or it doesn’t and therein lies the challenge!”

When it comes to working in a male environment Ellen actually prefers this because “men are more logical whereas women can be too emotional.”

From a work point of view however, she thinks females are better organised and more likely to pay attention to vital detail. As she sees this…

“Guys take things apart before the decide how they’re going to put them back together again. I have never lost anything whereas there’s always a bolt or two left over when the guys finish the job!”

Becoming a STEM Ambassador in Sussex

In 2013 Ellen became a STEM Ambassador, volunteering to talk to pupils in Sussex schools about science and engineering subjects.

She was also involved in a recent EngineeringUK Big Bang event at Northbrook College, encouraging local schools to take part in science and engineering activities including a Lego gadget building challenge as well as ways to measure temperature, learn how sound works and see how lighting creates sky pollution.

Yes there have been personal challenges in Ellen’s life to date but they only serve to prove how determined she is to succeed in her chosen automotive career. And apparently her daughter shows early signs of mechanical flair too…

Watch this space.

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