Product Review - Digital 12V Air Compressor for Car Tyres

Product Review -  Digital 12V Air Compressor for Car Tyres

This is the tyre compressor we tested although there are other makes that are probably as good if not better of course.

It was the Top Tech Tool – Digital 12V Air Compressor

Tyre pressures matter because over-inflated and under-inflated tyres can make car tyres dangerous. So we recommend that you check your tyre pressure levels monthly so

  1. your car tyres last longer
  2. your fuel goes further
  3. your car is easier to handle/control
  4. you and road users stay safer.

What is a Digital Compressor?

A digital compressor is an easy way to get air into your tyres. Being digital means you plug one end into your cigarette lighter and the other end into your tyre valve. Switch it on, programme it to top up/adjust pressure levels and the job’s done.

To be specific this model comes in an attractive box. Inside is a black fabric holdall for the compact and lightweight compressor with one obvious connection to plug into the cigarette lighter and the other your tyre valve.

Are you with me so far?

How to top up your tyres

This is what I suggest you do based on my experience…

FOXY test tyre pressure compressor

1 Wear gloves.

2 Know your tyre pressures – you can find these out via the inside of the driver’s door. Maybe you hadn’t spotted this information? Have a look – there’s stuff about your tyres too. My BMW told me 2.5 BAR for my rear tyres and 2.1 BAR for my front tyres. There may be settings for PSI as well; the compressor gives you this choice if needed.

3 Plug the compressor in to the cigarette lighter and turn the ignition on. It says it runs from the ignition but I had to switch the engine on before it worked (press the big red ON button to check); this is probably a good thing in case your battery might be a bit low; it does need quite a bit of power, albeit in quick bursts, to do its job.

4 Press the M (multi-function) button until you see it highlighting BAR (or PSI if you prefer) then enter the tyre pressure you want the tyre to be. For example, I set up 2.5 BAR for my rear tyres. It’ll remember this even if it reverts to zero so I did my two back tyres then changed it to 2.1 BAR for the front ones.

5 Undo the tyre valve cap. You’ll hear some air escaping – that’s fine. Connect the compressor to the valve – you’ll hear some air escaping again – then press the On button. It’ll top the pressure up – wait until it stops itself as it takes a few seconds to do what the compressor gauge says. Then replace valve cap.

6 Move on to the other tyres.

7 Turn off the engine.

The Tyre Pressure Compressor Verdict

Couldn’t be easier. If I can do it – so can anyone.

We checked the tyre pressures afterwards too and they were as expected so the gauge was reliable and I clearly got it to work properly.

NB: Comes with a big torchlight as a bonus.

The cost? Something under £20 I’d say and as ever Amazon is your friend.

On reflection, it’d be a nice looking and useful present for anyone who’d like to check their own tyres but either isn’t sure how to or finds it a real fag so doesn’t do it often enough.

No excuse now.

PS: This is so much easier than having to use a pressure gauge and then get a tyre pump and so on. And the instructions were very easy to follow.

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