Karen tells us about her KTG car buying service

Karen tells us about her KTG car buying service

Karen is the K in the business name KTG Cars so we can see that this is a business that clearly puts females first!

KTG Cars provides a premium and highly bespoke car buying service that is very popular with women in London and Surrey. We wanted to know more of course…

What does your job entail?

I spend most of my time talking to our customers. I’m usually their initial point of contact, explaining our service and emphasising our friendly and honest approach. I take a detailed description of the car to be sold – we offer a genuine valuation, based on facts and a candid appraisal as opposed to a “carrot dangling price” that others use to tempt a seller but rarely end up paying. This is a waste of everyone’s time; an honest approach is the only way forward here.

I then make arrangements to collect and pay for the car and help the seller complete all relevant documents making sure she/he knows their responsibilities regarding telling the DVLA the car has been sold.

I am also responsible for the content at our website and I deal with all the book-keeping.

It’s a varied role that keeps me on my toes.

What brought you into the automotive industry?

I first came into the motor industry on a part time basis which suited me then. For starters I sold a few prestige cars, getting involved from preparation and valeting, to marketing and subsequent sale. I’ve always loved cars, I enjoy driving and this made it easy for me to enthuse about (then sell) really nice cars.

Luckily the job fitted in around family life whilst my two daughters were very young so this was the ideal opportunity to make some extra money, doing something I was good at and enjoying the whole experience.

We formed KTG Cars in 2000 and whilst our car buying service began in 2007 we are forever improving and developing our services with customers feedback to the fore.

Tell us what you did beforehand

I initially trained as a chef from the age of 16. I then won an apprenticeship as a commis chef in an exclusive restaurant at the Milk Marketing Board HQ in Thames Ditton. I gained my qualifications and became their Head Pastry Chef, a role that I absolutely loved.

After a series of managerial roles family life intervened and I found myself managing a team of 12 in a busy secondary school kitchen. It was around this time I became involved with the motor industry.

What do women bring to this seemingly masculine industry?

The motor trade as a whole has a poor reputation and is still a very male oriented industry. Yet it is usually the women that are either buying the car or influencing which one their partner buys. I feel that I am on the same wavelength here and understand the concerns women have when buying or selling a car.

We have bought many cars from ladies who, for whatever reason, are handling the sale of a car alone and have approached KTG because they felt reassured that I would be their contact through the transaction. I bring a friendly, sensible, practical and, when necessary, a discreet approach.

One memorable story was when a lady sold us her BMW recently. She’d contacted several other companies, agreed a price via email, then been served with a list of areas they’d be reducing the price against when they turned up to do the deal. Very wisely she declined their ‘offer’, contacted us and we paid the agreed amount because her description was totally fair.

What the original company didn’t know was that she had originally trained as a mechanic then later as a solicitor. She could tell immediately that they were trying to pull wool over her eyes and get her to sell the car for less than it was worth!

The moral of this story is, you should never under-estimate anyone, especially women!

Knowing that so many women sell cars to KTG, why do you think they do is?

I think that many women feel patronised when speaking to some men within the motor industry, so speaking to me is reassuring. For many women who need to sell a car on their own, having a female on their side from the initial call to the completion and collection of their car simply reduces the stress when it comes to negotiating a fair deal.

KTG Cars is a reputation based company of course and we’ve bought so many cars following recommendations and repeat customers. Many come from women who are good at recommending other women and we have been told on numerous occasions that the way we treated and respect our customers is why they sell their cars to us.

What car do you drive and why?

I am privileged to drive many fantastic cars and will happy to drive almost anything!

My personal car is an 11 year old BMW 330ci Sport convertible that I have owned from new. I still love the exhilaration of whipping the hood off and buzzing down the road on a sunny day. The build quality is excellent and the car still looks fantastic.

I may buy something else within the next year or so as I’m starting to fancy a change but it’ll probably be another German car!

Thank you Karen. If you wanted to contact KTG Cars please EITHER do so via their website OR by calling freefone 0800 3345375 OR by emailing Karen.

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