Caroline Lake, garage owner, author and car mechanic

Caroline Lake, garage owner, author and car mechanic

We met Caroline many moons ago as she was embarking on her garage business. Since then she has become an author, a public speaker and an ambassador for all things motoring, on behalf of women. We wanted to know more about her and her fab new book…

This is what she told us.

“In years gone by, men did the DIY, looked after the car and all other things stereotypically considered ‘male’. Women cooked, sewed, kept the house ‘spick and span’ and carried out other tasks considered stereotypically ‘female’. When I was at school, girls still weren’t allowed to play football and I’m not that old!

“Thankfully much has changed and in the 21st century, men now cook and clean; women hang wallpaper and are no longer afraid of a power drill. Sadly however, cars, mechanics and garages are one area that are still very much considered a ‘man thing’. This is something I’m determined to change.

“Unfortunately many women still find a trip to the garage with their car, a very scary encounter. They are more likely to be patronised, ripped off and charged more than men. Also, many women don’t ever lift the bonnet on their car or perform any routine checks.

“I have asked numerous women over the years why they don’t check their oil or tyres. The answer is nearly always the same, they don’t know how and are too scared or embarrassed to ask and fear being patronised, put down or made to feel stupid. They also complained that most car based literature available is very male orientated and assumes some prior knowledge – it doesn’t teach you how to find your bonnet catch or how to open the fuel flap for example!

“So when Haynes Publishing approached me to write a car book for women, I was absolutely thrilled! Additional information about the book can be found on my website.

Here is Carolines Cars garage in Norwich.

We doubt there’s another one with male and female mechanics in pink overalls!

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