A car fragrance review - NIA Car Fragrances

A car fragrance review - NIA Car Fragrances

We all have our own favourite perfumes so why shouldn’t we feel the same about car fragrances? My personal favourite is floral and Cath Collins hits the spot for me when it comes to soaps and shower products. (HINT – should anyone be reading this close to Christmas or my birthday).

So this is what Nia Car Fragrances set out to create for cars, when they headed off to some of the most talented perfumers to perfect their take on the traditional car fresheners we’re more used to. Their ambition? To create luxury car fragrances for women and men who can afford to pay a little more for something a lot better.

As I see it, there are the old-fashioned gaudy beermat style fresheners that don’t look good. And yes Yankee Candles are excellent but the likes of French Vanilla and Black Cherry car fragrances aren’t exclusively aspirational (for drivers of performance Porsches or fast Ferraris perhaps) so might there be a potential gap in the market here?

The fragrance Nia has asked us to test is subtle and floral. It’s a fusion of Orange Blossom, Neroli and Bay and the office verdict is 100% complimentary. If I got into a car smelling of this I’d be impressed. If I was driving a car this scent would make me feel relaxed. If I got this at Christmas (HINT) I’d be happy.

There are two other options, one for Men (in black) using Sandalwood, Sage and Seasalt with the third combining Juniper, Bergamot and Jasmine.

The product is simply presented in a classy black and white glossy outer titled Nia Car Fragrance. Inside the car fragrance is designed in a look alike Dior bottle shape. As the sentiment overleaf reminds us ‘Fragrance is a language that everybody speaks.’

As yet I can’t say how long the car fragrance will last as we haven’t had this in place yet. Each costs £7.50 and includes 2nd class postage. For that price I might prefer it to be hung with a ribbon rather than the ubiquitous elastic but whether that’d be practical is another matter.

All in all, we were impressed and so was female entrepreneur Jacqueline Gold who chose NIA for one of her coveted #WOW (Women On Wednesday) Awards last week as part of her campaign to support women in business.

For more information the website is NIA Car Fragrance.

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