A special discount offer for car owners on the Isle of Wight

A special discount offer for car owners on the Isle of Wight

If your car needs minor accident repairs or a cosmetic makeover Bump Express on the Isle of Wight has a great offer to help your budget go further. FOXY Lady Approved because of their standards and great personal service, they’re based in Sandown.

When you need a repair just call 01983 401274 or e-mail help@bumpexpress.co.uk


Whether you live on the island or simply plan to holiday there in 2016 why not claim a one-off 25% discount voucher NOW to take care of any cosmetic damage to your car or van. Just e-mail voucher@bumpexpress.co.uk with ‘voucher offer’ in the subject line for your 25% discount voucher. This voucher offer is valid until 31/12/2016.

To illustrate what they do, these are the services Bump Express offer. You might want to tidy up your car before selling it privately but more likely you’ll want to return your prized possession to its former glory and enjoy driving it more!

Bumper Scuffs

This is all too common. You have got too close to an obstacle in a car park perhaps; you’ve nudged the driveway walls or a wall was too low to be seen in the reversing mirror. We’ve all done it…

Alloy Wheels

Scruffy alloys never look good even when clean but they can quickly be restored by an expert. This is normally as a result of a parking faux pas – you’ve clipped the kerb after mounting it perhaps or simply misjudged the angle and scuffed your shiny wheels at the time. How annoying.

Leather Seats

Bump Express repairs and restores surface cracks & scuffs to leather seats. This can make such a visual difference to a car interior.


Tired & faded paintwork can be revitalised, bramble or hedge rash polished out and that elusive shine can be boosted of course…

Best to check out the Bump Express website www.bumpexpress.co.uk and order your 25% voucher now. Terms apply.

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