Liz Williams is Fleet Customer Services Director at Lookers

Liz Williams is Fleet Customer Services Director at Lookers

Liz is married to Simon and lives in Milton Keynes. They both love their holidays and have recently returned from a coastal tour of Norway where amongst other ‘arctic activities’ such as snow-mobiling, they were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights in all their glory.

Customer service has underpinned the whole of Liz’s career – from High Street retail through to corporate sales, account management and logistics.

Her most recent position was to manage the dealer network for Arval UK and through this role she became familiar with the Lookers organisation, joining the Group in 2014.

Being a “self-confessed perfectionist driven by attention to detail” Liz has made it her business to be at the top of her game in terms of professional training over the years, to fine tune her business skills. This has included continuous personal development including studying sales techniques, project management, team building and business operations.

As a result Liz is well informed, energetic and motivated when it comes to delivering the very best customer service levels within the Fleet sector.

“We plan to significantly grow our Fleet business at Lookers. Good communication and account management is vital because business is won based on superior reliability, consistency and quality of service. I work with our National Fleet Sales team, Fleet Dealers and outsourced logistics agents to be sure we deliver the best quality service for all our Fleet customers”

Displaying a steady head for business, Liz is focused on significantly growing Lookers’ presence within the Fleet market.

“With the right tools and measurements to track our progress combined with strong leadership, we are motivated as a team and confident of success.”

Liz is pragmatic and insightful when it comes to working in the automotive industry:

“It may be male dominated but that can be said of many other industries as well so there is no escaping it. I feel that good business is about good team work and women bring balance to a male dominated environment including some softer people skills, personal strengths, tenacity and an alternative emotional intelligence that can otherwise be missing.”

FOXY says:

Fleet sales are vital because volume vehicle contracts are typically the financial backbone of annual car sales and aftersales planning, enabling consistent and accurate budgeting. Superior customer service then secures this business with a view to the future.


Lookers believes that any position with them isn’t just a job, it’s a career. Their mission statement ‘Customers for Life’ also extends to staff who they hope will stay with them throughout the duration of their working life.
Here’s how to find out more about Lookers’ careers.

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