Strictly Come Dancing Kristina chooses a VW Golf as her first car

Strictly Come Dancing Kristina chooses a VW Golf as her first car

Photo ack: Car Dealer Magazine, including Kristina Rihanoff and Alan Day Volkswagen Hampstead’s MD Paul Tanner.

It’s not everyday that an instantly recognisable Strictly Dancing celebrity star walks into a FOXY Lady Approved car dealership but such was the surprise in store for Alan Day Volkswagen staff when Kristina Rihanoff did precisely this in their London Hampstead dealership. She had been recommended by a female friend and, needless to say, we wanted to read what she thought about her VW car shopping experience.

Why did you choose the Golf?

KR: I knew it was a very safe car to drive. I was a bit nervous about driving in London and wanted something that I could feel comfortable and secure in especially as I’ve got the baby coming soon.

Is it comfortable?

KR: It’s very comfortable for me – as well as easy to operate and drive.

Are you happy with the boot size and the extras that come with the car?

KR: I’m very happy with it all. It’s actually a very spacious boot and if you need to extend the size of it the back seats can go down which creates loads of space. I will be able to get all my baby things in there and still have a lot of room to spare.

Do you find it easy to park?

KR: It’s a dream to park, easy to turn and slots into the smallest spaces

Is the sat navigation system easy to use and useful?

KR: I mastered the Sat Nav straight away, I don’t know London very well so it’s been incredibly handy to have.

Has it been reliable, any problems?

KR: No problems at all, it drives really well and has never let me down. I feel relaxed, safe and comfortable driving the Golf.

What made you choose Alan Day?

KR: I chose Alan Day because I was recommended by a girlfriend. She told me she had received great customer service and was 100 per cent happy and satisfied with her car and treatment she received from the moment she walked through the door and all the way through the buying process.

What were your first impressions of the showroom in Finchley Road, Hampstead?

KR: It was a very modern, state of the art environment and the friendly receptionist made me a coffee when I first walked in. It was very welcoming.

How was the experience prior to picking up the vehicle? Was everything explained?

KR: As it’s my first car in the UK I really went that extra mile to research and choose the safest car for me. I’ve heard nothing but great reviews from my friends. The staff at Alan Day VW in Finchley Road were fantastic and got all my questions answers clearly. I am very happy with the service.

Was the experience smooth, stress free?

KR: Yes it was! It was actually a very exciting day for me!!

Were you put off by the recent issues surrounding Volkswagen?

KR: No I was always impressed with the VW brand and knew it had built up a strong reputation over many years.

Would you recommend the Golf and Alan Day to family and friends?

KR: Absolutely!! I feel it met all of my needs! A very safe and easy to drive car! Perfect for a family actually.


FOXY says:

How lovely to see Kristina being made so welcome. This will clearly be a long-standing dinner party story and photograph to treasure in the Tanner household! It’s also a timely reminder that today’s VW Golf is a family sized car with a generous boot, capable of carrying all the baby gear Kristina will be needing soon. We wish her well.

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