Book review - Driving in Europe

Book review - Driving in Europe

This is a glossy glovebox size handbook with more than 160 colour photos, as well as useful road signs and port maps to make your European travels as stress-free as possible.

Driving in Europe – book contents

If you’re off to Europe and intend to drive whilst there, this book will give you all the lowdown you need to be prepared. It is important to do your homework before you travel of course because each country has its own road rules and they’re often very different from ours…

It starts with a lot of general guidance and reassurance for the first-time driver on European roads but the fact is that even experienced continental drivers is likely to learn something new especially if they haven’t been to Europe for a few years.

As an example, it includes the latest information about speed limits, local rules and motorway tolls across some 50 European countries. As well as sections for disabled travellers, those with children and pets and towing a caravan.

Driving in Europe – typical information

  1. If you use a satnav app on your smartphone it makes financial sense to download the maps you’ll need in advance to avoid expensive connection charges.
  2. When the roads are busy, at Bank Holidays for example, it helps to know where the traffic information stations are on your radio (such as 107.7FM on French autoroutes)
  3. Not sure about this? Throughout Europe, only the UK, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus drive on the left. All the others drive on the ‘wrong’ side haha…
  4. In many countries, including France, it is compulsory to indicate when pulling in as well as out on French autoroutes.
  5. Oh dear – over 400 cities use international debt agencies to collect parking fines. But which ones are they?
  6. The PETS travel scheme (PETS) allows your dog, cat or ferret (?) travel with you without spending time in quarantine.
  7. Do you know your International Vehicle Registration Codes? Here’s a couple to try – where is IS or RKS?
    Answers in the PS: at the bottom of this review…
  8. Smoking whilst driving is prohibited in San Marino (and other countries too).
  9. On the highly cycle-friendly roads in the Netherlands you are expected to give way at rows of white triangular signs and you must NEVER cross a solid white line even when turning off a road.
  10. Look out. Elk and deer are real hazards on Norwegian roads.

Whatever your European motoring plans, this book will surely help you stay safer by being better prepared for most eventualities than you’d be on your own.

To Buy This Book

ISBN 978-1-845847-88-3

Currently £9.99 (Paperback) from Amazon including Prime delivery and £7.49 for their Kindle version .

PS: International registration codes (bound to be on Pointless soon…)
IS = Iceland and RKS = Kosovo.

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