Do I need GAP Insurance?

Do I need GAP Insurance?

Women who are looking for a product they can trust should look out for one that is FOXY Lady Approved. As we use it, the word FOXY means shrewd, canny & discerning, which is what female car shoppers need to be in the motor industry.

So when the car salesman asks you if you want to buy GAP Insurance, what should your answer be? Well clearly we can’t tell you what to do, in your situation, but we do recommend the product because if you are unlucky enough to need it, it’ll save you lots of money.

As ever, it’s an insurance product – you hope you won’t need it but if you do, you’ll be glad you listened to us. Your choice!

To help you decide, here are some of the reasons why we recommend GAP Insurance when you buy a new car and why our partner, ALA Insurance carries the FOXY Lady Approved badge and means that Club members can enjoy an even better deal (just quote FOXY10 to save 10%) than their already competitive prices, compared to most others.

What is GAP Insurance?

GAP Insurance is an incredibly helpful product adding an extra layer of protection for one of the most financially valuable assets in your life.

On average a car will lose 50% of its original value in 3 years and will continue to depreciate over time. If your car is written off or stolen, your comprehensive motor insurer will only give you a settlement for the vehicle’s market value – its depreciated value, leaving you out-of-pocket.

GAP insurance protects you from the risk of financial loss by paying you the difference between your insurer’s settlement and the original cost of your car.

Is GAP more necessary in some UK regions?

Yes, depending on where you live, GAP insurance makes much more sense based on likely risk. London, for example, has the highest number of car accidents in the UK, and the third highest car crime rate – due in part to its high population density.

So, based on the highest rates of accidents and car crime in the UK, GAP makes sound financial sense for women living in London and the South East, the East of England and the East Midlands; these are all areas where it may be needed more than in other UK areas.

Essential car use and GAP Insurance

On the other hand, no matter where you live, if you rely on your car as much as most of us do, you’d not only be seriously inconvenienced if it was stolen or written off – both situations outside your reasonable control remember – but you’d also be significantly financially out of pocket without GAP Insurance to fall back on.
So, GAP can act as an extra comfort blanket for what is often your main form of travel to and from work. There are some areas, including rural Sussex where we’re based, where public transport simply isn’t a reliable enough alternative and would add to the stress of an already unpleasant situation.

And with the new car registration plate on the horizon and HM government and EU manufacturers both keen to maintain record car sales in 2017, we expect business to be brisk in showrooms regardless of Brexit. But that’s unlikely to be where the best GAP Insurance deals are to be found…

FOXY Lady Approved GAP Insurance feedback & discount offer

ALA Insurance is our FOXY Lady Approved partner on the basis of customer satisfaction and a few other quality ratings we apply to this status. They are also an Honest John Approved Trader – he writes for the Saturday Telegraph and is an all round highly-regarded motoring expert.


NB: Club members receive a 10% discount from ALA which you can share with family members. Please quote discount code FOXY10. You can also call ALA on 01653 916304 if you prefer.

We also encourage female feedback via our website and, because ALA is our partner, if you’ve bought ALA GAP Insurance recently, tell us about this and we’ll thank you with a lifetime online gift membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club.

Here’s where to LEAVE ALA INSURANCE FEEDBACK and, within five days or so, we’ll email your Club membership details and how you can access these services
+ Preferential rates for car insurance
+ Member only affinity car buying schemes
+ Regular money saving offers
+ VIP services* at female friendly approved garages & dealers
+ A friendly motoring helpdesk
+ Expert legal, claims and accident advice
+ Monthly e-newsletters packed with news & female reviews.
*free car checks, member discounts and local ladies’ evenings

How reassuring to know that you can comprehensively protect your new car investment at discounted rates – this is a rare thing in the motoring world. But don’t put it off too long, just in case.

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