Lindsey needs sponsorship for her Isle of Man racing dream

Lindsey needs sponsorship for her Isle of Man racing dream

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We were introduced to Lindsey Fairfield via a third party who told us about her burning ambition to ride at the TT on the Isle of Man. Studying to become a nurse at present, her stumbling block is forever finance. So we wanted to help her find the sponsorship she clearly deserves to fulfil her motorcycling racing dream.

It’s an inspiring story of personal determination, as told in Lindsey’s words.

“I’m 35 and I’ve worked all my life. I left home at 17, bought my first house at 18, got married in Gretna Green at 22 and took on a property renovation project at 25.

“Whilst working for HMRC I began a 2 year HNC in Computer Science completing this with a merit in 2010. I was the only female to do this. I also handled my own divorce proceedings without a solicitor in 2011. That’ll give you an idea of the person I am when I set my mind to do something.

“Earlier that year I’d treated myself to a holiday on Fuerteventura followed by my real divorce present – a brand new white Ducati 848 EVO bike.

“A month or so later, I was badly injured in a mountain biking accident, breaking my neck and left elbow as well as knocking my front teeth out, needing several stitches in my lip. Having been knocked out by the impact I came round alone with blood everywhere. When my friend arrived he helped me to my feet and we had to walk to a check point before calling 999. I was airlifted from Sherwood Pines (Nottinghamshire) to Lincoln County Hospital where I was under intensive A & E care.

“This coincided with me selling my house and trying to move, despite being told to keep to light duties. It turned out they had missed the broken neck on my first visit to hospital and it was only picked up a week after they had discharged me. So I spent another 7 days in hospital.

“Not just the aftermath of a stressful divorce and this serious injury but I then endured and survived a physically and mentally abusive relationship.

Lindsey also helps Wolfdogs find good homes

“In 2012 I rescued my first Wolfdog. Having fostered many I’d never found the one for me until Lunar arrived. I knew before I saw her she was going to be the one for me and is still my rock. I help out at the Wolfdog rescue when I can and help these extraordinary dogs find the extraordinary homes they deserve!

Lindsey’s career path

“I then decided to join the Royal Air Force, training as an Air Traffic Controller. Sadly I picked up a hip injury which eventually ended my RAF career.

Lindsey Fairfield racing

“For 6 months I went on a sabbatical to live my dream of racing motorcycles. I wasn’t sure I’d be competitive as it was such a male dominated sport in those days. To give you an idea, of 40 racers on the grid I was usually the only female.

“My first race was on a ZX10R which is best described as a road bike with a new rear shock. My machine put me at a disadvantage and I’d only ever been on track once at Cadwell Park in the snow! Clearly I had a lot to learn and fast! I qualified in 36th position, finished 27th and got myself on Motors TV during the race. (Please see my race bio at the end of this post).

“I then chose to work for Moto Legends, another male dominated area when it comes to work, building motorcycle parts and shipping them all over the world. This didn’t last because I managed to get back into the RAF scene working for Babcock International.

“Whilst working for Babcock I completed an access course to get on the Nursing degree course I am currently studying towards. When I was 17, my dad told me that my intelligence and nature meant I should be a nurse but back then I wasn’t ready for this and had a lot of life I wanted to experience. In September 2015 I embarked on what is going to be my lifelong career. I was both scared and excited to finally be doing something I really enjoy!

“I really do believe that a driven woman in the modern era can achieve incredible things if they want it and if they work hard enough for it!”

As you can see, I am focusing on completing my nursing degree and taking care of Wolfdogs but I am also determined to achieve a motorcycling highlight which very few women have. To race at the Isle of Man in the TT as only Jenny Tinmouth MBE and Maria Costello MBE have done before me.

I SHALL do this somehow, regardless of the multitude of personal and technical obstacles in my way.”

Calling All Motor Racing Sponsors…

To find out more about sponsoring Lindsey Fairfield please contact her by email via

To find out more about Lindsey’s racing achievements, visit her Facebook Page.

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