FOXY member spotlight - Linda and her MX5

FOXY member spotlight - Linda and her MX5

Linda Huckle is a Regional Director for The Athena Network and an independent People Development Consultant and Professional Coach, facilitating training in soft skills, presenting skills and LinkedIn.

Linda uses her car for travelling to Athena group meetings, for meeting clients and her training workshops.

“Fitting in training resources, banners, and a mobile office can be a challenge in my MX5 but I have a system of packing that works!”

So we wanted to know more about Linda’s motoring past and whether she had always been a Mazda fan.

1) What car did you learn to drive in and where was this?

I learned to drive in a Vauxhall Viva in 1977. I was in Peterborough and I don’t recall the traffic being a problem in those days.

2) What was the first car you bought?

I bought a VW Golf – an ancient one! Having said that it was a highly reliable steed at the time and a much smaller model than today’s Golf of course.

3) Was there a defining motoring moment in your life, one where you truly enjoyed your car and the journey?

Yes, one that stands out in my mind very clearly.

This was my road trip to Scotland in my MX5 – fabulous scenery, twisty roads through the Highlands, along the infamous Pass of the Castle above Applecross, and only one wet day in ten.

How lucky we were. It was a challenge to pack for 10 days and 2 people in the tiny bootspace but we managed and loved every minute!

4) What’s the most unusual vehicle you have ever experienced driving?

That’ll be when I rode a snowmobile across a frozen lake, through forests and into the Ice Hotel in Sweden.

Just to give you a clue of how cold it was, my eye lashes were thick with ice during the trip, even with snow goggles on.

5) What will your next car purchase most likely be?

You’re too late! I have just bought my second Mazda MX5. I chose it for the sheer fun of driving and can recommend it to anyone who’s prepared to cope without four seats and a big boot for the same reason.

6) If money were no object, what car would you buy?

I’ve got my dream car! I wouldn’t want a different one, the MX5 is perfect for me!


FOXY says…

How nice to hear from a happy and contented woman driver who has found her ideal choice of car in the Mazda MX5. Good to hear from you Linda and happy motoring.

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