FOXY member spotlight - Lisa's motoring memories

FOXY member spotlight - Lisa's motoring memories

Lisa Moore is a Club member and runs her own personal training business based in Haywards Heath called Fit For Moore. She is passionate about helping ladies in West Sussex to understand how their bodies and all-important metabolisms work and how to empower both to best effect.

When it comes to Lisa’s motoring needs, she uses her car as a taxi for her two 2 daughters, to transport the family dog as well as for her business use, ferrying materials to and from her studio to fitness talks and engagements on a daily basis.

What car did you learn to drive in?

Ah yes, I remember this well. I learned to drive in a Mark 3 Ford Escort 1.3. It was my sister’s car really but I didn’t need it for long because I passed my test the first time around after just six lessons. Not that easy today they tell me?!

What was the first car you bought?

The first car I bought was a pristine Peugeot 105. It was white, easy to park and zippy. I thought I looked great in it and, looking back, I really loved it.

Was there a special driving highlight in your life?

Yes. One I remember very clearly was driving my ex husband’s Porsche Carrera 4 which I have to admit was a fabulous car.

The stretch of road I remember was between Storrington and Arundel in West Sussex, en route to Amberley Castle. It was a sunny day and with the roof down and the wind blowing in my face, I felt more like I was flying the car than driving it. It was very fast and so exhilarating!

What’s the most unusual driving experience you can remember?

I went on a track day when I worked in the corporate world where I drove 6 or 7 different cars at speed. That was fun of course but most memorable for me were the rally cars.

We were encouraged to drive them fast and to do handbrake turns over a muddy track. You had no control, it seemed, or idea which direction you’d end up facing!

I remember laughing and grinning the whole way round – it was such great fun and of course it taught you road handling skills in a safe environment. And even better, we didn’t have to wash the cars afterwards.

What do you expect your next car to be?

My current Ford C-Max (yawn!) is due to go back next March and I can’t decide what to get instead. I don’t really need a big car any more but whatever I choose it needs to be cost effective. Maybe a hatchback to fit the dog in the back? And whilst I’d love to have a 4×4 again I’m not sure I can afford that right now…

FOXY says – That’s an interesting combination of needs Lisa. We’d recommend you look at the award-winning Suzuki Vitara and Swift models, especially after the Club’s fabulous discount offers. Both combine excellent small engine performance levels alongside low running costs in terms of mpg, VED, environmental ratings and insurance. Great fun to drive too.

In an ideal world, what would your dream car be? 

I can see myself swanning about in an E Type Jag or Aston Martin in a few years time. Either car would definitely tick my dream car bucket list!


If you’d like to keep in touch with Lisa, you can follow her at her Fit for Moore Facebook Page and @fitformoore at Twitter.

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