Anita's role as a Service Advisor at Tracks in Exeter

Anita's role as a Service Advisor at Tracks in Exeter

Anita Hill is a Service Advisor for franchised Suzuki car dealership Tracks of Exeter.

This means Anita is the customer contact for motorists who book then bring their cars in for an MOT, car service or mechanical repair. As such, Service Advisors need to be able to interpret and convey messages between the customer and the dealership technicians. In one area jargon will be the norm but when it comes to customer speak it certainly isn’t.

Professional Service Advisors need to know their subject and understand the customer perspective. When both sides get this right everyone is happy. But if the customer isn’t happy at any stage (and many can take some convincing that a female knows their subject as well as a man), it may be up to Anita to earn their trust and/or find a compromise.

As you can see this isn’t just a role that requires sound administration and IT skills as well as critical attention to detail – it also relies upon exceptional customer service, diplomacy on occasion and ongoing interactive communication skills.

So we wanted more females to understand the scope of this automotive role and to sample the everyday challenges Anita and other service advisors in garage and franchised dealer environments face on a day by day basis.

Tell us a bit about you Anita please?

I’m a 37 year old married mum of one who has lived in Exeter for the last 14 years.

What brought you into the automotive industry?

I first applied to cover the reception desk as I have good telephone and people skills. I soon took a keen interest in the service side of the dealership once I understood more about the role and the challenges. When a vacancy arose I was quick to apply and I’m delighted this has worked very well since.

Tell us about your job and why you like it?

First and foremost I love meeting and talking to people. I am also a thorough administrator and enjoy seeing the job through. I meet different customers every day, see lots of mechanical issues resolved and I organise courtesy cars and lifts for customers to make their visit to us as stress free as possible.

I now have a list of regular customers who I’ve known for years which is one of the best bits of the job – they’ve become loyal customers and business friends!

What is it that your female customers particularly like about Tracks?

For sure a lot of our customers like the fact that we’re a particularly friendly garage, regardless of gender, but I’m confident that quite a few females particularly like to deal with a female as it’s quite a male dominated industry. And we can have a chat and communication is never a problem between us!

Can you recommend a career in the motor industry to other women?

Yes I can. If there are any ladies reading this who are looking to join the motor industry I would say please do it!

It’s such a lot of fun, there’s so much to learn, we’re always busy and there’s always something new going on whether it’s new car registration time, selling new cars or in the service and repair or parts department.

Given a choice of cars from the makes/models Tracks sells, which one would you choose and why?

That’s easy. I like all the cars that Suzuki make but the perfect one for me at present is the Suzuki Swift SZ-L. This is such a stylish, sporty and fun to drive car!


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