Digital life is great for Carspring Zahra

Digital life is great for Carspring Zahra

Zahra Nisa Ahmed is a 17 year old Digital Marketing Apprentice at Carspring in London’s Mayfair district.

With a digital marketing role like this we expected her to be able to write but we hadn’t anticipated that the words would flow forth so freely or with such enthusiasm.

We’re delighted to meet you Zahra and to be able to share your early working experiences and thoughts as a digital marketer in the making.

Please introduce yourself Zahra

Hey, I’m Zahra and a 17-year-old apprentice, working at a company called Carspring, an online dealership for used cars.

I never knew I’d find myself in this industry but I have no regrets! It’s an area where you can learn so much about others and yourself.

I wouldn’t call myself a petrol head but I do love cars in general. I don’t know much about them really but I can tell the difference between makes ha-ha.

I’m lucky that’s not included in my job description but I doubt many 17 year old females know any more than me.

I’d left college and this was the perfect job opportunity for me. I feel I learn much better practically and especially whilst I earn!

I understand more of what I am doing when I am doing it.

I still have plans for further education in future, hopefully University and a degree. But being in a job so soon after school has certainly made me more mature and independent.

It’s also made me wise with my money and all together made me happier as I enjoy working daily.

Being in the automotive industry sounds cool and it really is.

I hope more women come into this industry and don’t feel afraid to step into a field that is supposed to be dominated by males.

What brought you into the automotive industry?

Well it was unexpected as I said before. I heard of the position through my training provider and thought ‘why not attend the interview?’ It was a group interview with 4 other boys and I thought ‘these guys know all about the cars’ but I know nothing so I probably won’t get the job. But my interview went very well.

I really wanted the job but I just had a feeling that they wouldn’t pick me. But getting a call to say they’d picked me and when my start date was to be, was such a good feeling.

On my first day I knew my decision to accept the offer was right. It makes me happy to be in a field where there aren’t many women and watch it expand. There is so much to this industry and it’s definitely not as simple as people make it out to be.

“When you get right into it you realise how great the industry is”

Tell us about your job and why you like it

Well my job consists of doing the SEO, link-building, content marketing and other similar things. I send emails to bloggers, come up with ideas to help our company grow further with social media and it’s just a lot of communicating and huge fun.

I like where I am because my co-workers are nice, the Mayfair location is wonderful and my everyday duties suit me well.

What is it that your female customers particularly like about the business?

I think what every female loves, is doing everything in the comfort of her own home. In bed, no reason to get dressed even and to be able to purchase a car with all the family together.

Our customer service is great. We have had people calling in to just talk about their experience.

Also we have a couple of blogs which are a good laugh – I think women are attracted to our mad sense of humour!

The site is so simple, there are no trick questions or anything to scratch your head about. That’s what they like. They are able to buy a car so easily without any additional help.

Can you recommend a career in the motor industry to other women and if so, why?

I’d say go for anything you wish for! If you have a dream, go for it. And if someone tells you otherwise prove them wrong.

The motor industry is growing every day. There aren’t labels for a man’s job or a woman’s job. it’s the 21st century for goodness sake. Choose a career that makes you happy and indulge yourself in that knowledge. Defy any gender job labels on purpose!

Given a choice of cars from the makes/models that Carspring sells, which one would you choose and why?

I would choose the Fiat 500 S1.2 because its super cute first of all. It’s also very stylish but it’s sensible too because it’s perfect for driving around London.

I know that when I pass my driving test, this will be on my shopping list sometime soon.

FOXY says

We love your optimism and ‘just do it’ attitude Zahra and wish you a long, happy and successful career in social media marketing in future.

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