Review of Nextbase Rose Gold Dash Cam 312GW

Review of Nextbase Rose Gold Dash Cam 312GW

We’re told that half of all female drivers in Britain have been victims of aggressive behaviour on UK roads on account of their gender.

According to a survey commissioned by Dash Cam manufacturer Nextbase, intimidating or aggressive behaviour is commonly directed towards female more than male drivers, with just under half (48%) of all women admitting to having been victimised in this way.

What’s more nearly one in three believe their gender was a determining factor in cases of road rage.

These findings confirm that safety is still a major concern for women on British roads, with a fraction under 20% (17.8%) of women feeling unsafe or very unsafe while driving. Furthermore, one in ten women will avoid driving alone for fear of being subjected to abusive behaviour from other drivers.

With some women drivers even admitting they had been pressured into accepting the blame of an accident when it wasn’t their fault, it’s clear that female drivers can take advantage of the benefits of a Dash Cam.

And whilst Dash Cams have surged in popularity during 2016 – with an estimated 839k units on British roads, Nextbase reports a significant skew towards male drivers buying Dash Cams, with less than 3% of sales to women drivers.

A Dash Cam Designed For Women 

The Nextbase Limited Edition Rose Gold 312GW is intended to appeal to women, in an attractive white and rose gold casing.

But there’s a lot more that’s new and impressive about this camera.

Not only does it have inbuilt WiFi, meaning you can quickly transfer footage to review on your smartphone or tablet (to share the footage with your insurer, friends or via social media using the Nextbase app) but it also comes with a Click & Go Powered Magnetic Car Mounting system so there’s no need for wires and the camera will automatically turn on and off with your engine.

Richard Browning, director of Nextbase, said: “It is shocking that women are being subjected to abusive behaviour by other drivers in this manner. While the use of Dash Cams has surged recently, it has largely only been male drivers taking advantage of what our cameras have to offer.”

Steph Savill from FOXY Lady Drivers Club, added: “This initiative has road safety at its heart. Whilst a rose gold Dash Cam is clearly aimed fairly and squarely at women drivers, there are good reasons for this. Compared to men, surprisingly few females have a dash cam fitted in their car, which means they can’t prove the facts in the event of an accident or serious road rage incident. As a result, women are more likely to end up being blamed or paying over the odds for accidents they didn’t cause. So I’m keen to promote this attractive dash cam model to women drivers, for their added peace of mind and future well-being.”

The Benefits of Dash Cams

Nextbase is committed to combating this trend of women drivers being made to feel unsafe and its industry-leading in-car dashboard cameras serve to capture high-definition video footage of incidents that happen out on the roads.

As well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing that footage is being recorded, Dash Cams can provide motorists with the proof that they weren’t at fault in the event of an accident.

Insurers are also recognising the benefits, with many of the UK’s major insurers now accepting in car Dash Cam footage as part of an insurance claim.

For More Information

The Limited Edition Rose Gold Nextbase 312GW is available at a discounted cost of £84 (subject to availability), exclusively from selected Halfords stores and via this website.

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