Lyndsay reviews her Honda Jazz for Mums

Lyndsay reviews her Honda Jazz for Mums

If Lyndsay Pink’s name sounds familiar you might have come across Pinksauce Vehicle Leasing, the family business she and husband Chris run in Chichester in West Sussex.

With so many cars to choose from, we asked Lyndsay to tell us about her Honda Jazz and why she chose it ahead of others for her family lifestyle.

One way or another, cars are a big part of our lives.

I work part time in a community fire and road safety project role and also help run our growing family business, Pinksauce Vehicle Leasing. We’re just celebrating our 2nd birthday and getting really busy.

I’m also mum to 2, they are aged 4 and almost 7 and they have a much better social life than I do. We love to be outdoors, we are lucky to be near West Wittering beach, we have an allotment, we go camping and our last two holidays have been on a farm. The downside to these pursuits is sand, mud and hay (amongst other things!). So it’s fair to say that our car gets a bit of a battering.

I dread to think how many hours a week we all spend in the Honda Jazz. There have been many hours passed playing eye-spy (both colour and letter versions), reading books, watching Peppa Pig, eating a picnic tea and drinking coffee from a thermos whilst waiting for one or the other to finish school/rainbows/parties etc.

As you can see my car plays a huge role in our lives. I would prefer to be able to walk everywhere but the sheer distance between our frequent places makes this impossible as well as the huge amount of child-related cargo we seem to need, plus the car offers important shelter during those ‘waiting for x to finish’ moments.

The car belonged to my Grandad and when he became very ill and could no longer drive it, he decided to sell his car. Needing a new one at the time, I bought it.

I always knew Honda was a good reliable manufacturer and the Jazz model was an appropriate size for us – not too big, not too small. My husband has been in the car trade for 20 years and has worked for most of the main manufacturers, when I first met him he was working for Honda and was able to drive all the different types of car. He still tells the story about how he once moved house in a Honda Jazz!

Likes and dislikes

The best feature of the Jazz in my opinion is the versatility of folding the rear seats (affectionately dubbed by Honda as ‘magic seats’), they will fold completely flat down if you need them to or you can also flip the seat bases upright so you have the option to transport items where the rear seats would usually be.

The worst feature is the rear seatbelts sometimes ‘jam’ before I’ve released enough belt to go around the car seat – so I have to unhook it all, feed it back into its unit and start again – that’s annoying in the mornings.

Fit for purpose

“It is comfortable for the type of journeys we usually make. We find when we’ve been down to Cornwall in it (4+ hours), it can get a bit uncomfortable but most of the time our journeys are within 5-10 miles so it’s not a problem. It does have good visibility, it doesn’t have any rear cameras or anything fancy like that – but it doesn’t need them. It’s really easy to park, I parallel park everyday into sometimes really small gaps.

Value for money

“I think the Honda Jazz is really good value for money. The tax is approximately £12 per month and the insurance is low. I’ve never measured the actual MPG but I’m happy that I’m not always in the petrol station so that’s good enough for me. The maintenance is reasonable and tyres are not expensive to replace.

Safety and reliability highlights

“Safety features in the Honda Jazz include various air bags, internal lock for all doors, child lock option on rear doors, headrests and seat belt reminders. I know that it got the full 5 stars in the Euro NCAP crash test rating too.

This has definitely been my most reliable car so far. It’s only failed on me due to battery issues which is just wear and tear (or leaving the interior lights on!) and easily fixable.

The Honda Jazz verdict

“Our other car is a lease car and soon due for renewal so we will probably continue leasing one new car and hopefully the Honda Jazz will carry on being our trusty steed and 5th member of the family for many more years to come.

For me, this car is scores 8 out of 10 due to its practicality, reliability and safety aspects. Mine may not win any prizes for bells, whistles or beauty but it certainly does what it says it can do and continues to get us from A to B.”

For More Information

Today’s Honda Jazz prices start from just under £14000. The award-winning Jazz is one of the safest cars on our roads with Autonomous Emergency Braking as standard across the full range whilst the one touch speed limiting is also standard and a unique feature in the ‘Supermini’ class of vehicle.

See the Honda website for the 2016 model and if you’re considering leasing a Jazz, who better to ask for a quote than Lyndsay or Chris at Pinksauce?

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