Ruth's Corsa helps make her life more fun

Ruth's Corsa helps make her life more fun

Club member Ruth Smethurst runs The Playcation Experience with a base in East Sussex. She is also a member of the Athena Network. She firmly believes that life can be more fun and organises wonderful retreats and programmes based on this philosophy.

We started by asking Ruth how important her silver Vauxhall Corsa is in her busy life and what she uses it for.

“My car is an essential part of my life and I couldn’t do my job without it.

“I use it to get to and from appointments, client consultations, class sessions and events. It’s also a shuttle bus and taxi service for the many children I am forever ferrying to and from swimming lessons, sports training sessions and competitions.

“As a form of personal relaxation, I love to escape to the many beautiful countryside locations around Sussex, especially those off the beaten track ones that public transport can’t reach…”

After that we were keen to know more about Ruth’s earlier motoring experiences.

What car did you learn to drive in and where was this? 

It was a VW Golf in Brisbane, Australia.

What was the first car you bought? 

I bought a White Fiat Cinquecento (500) which I called DOD based on the numberplate. 

It had no power steering and didn’t ever manage more than 60mph but it was so reliable, came with an excellent work out for my arms and was surprisingly spacious for what looks like a box on wheels.

Tell us about a defining motoring moment in your life, one where you truly enjoyed the car and journey. 

Once I got my licence I really enjoyed the freedom of being able to travel from Brisbane to the fabulous Gold Coast (an hour’s journey) whenever I wanted to.

I remember the sensation of my favourite music playing whilst heading for the beach.

It was a great feeling of freedom and I’ll never forget it.

What’s the most unusual or unforgettable vehicle you experienced driving? 

My family owned a 1974 Orange and beige VW campervan which I used to drive around Brighton in the UK.

I loved that noisy, backfiring VW – it gave me the sense of being above the traffic, ignoring it all whilst it poodled along at its own pace.

I remember being very popular at party time because you could get a lot of people in it!

What will your next car purchase most likely be? 

I would love to get a funky orange compact vehicle to match my Playcation branding.

A small, yet spacious and economical car is essential for where I live as well as my work and family needs.

An added bonus would be something to reflect my style and playfulness.

FOXY adds: With enough headroom for the tiara? We look forward to this car buying challenge when it comes…

If money were no object, what car would you buy? 

I would love one of those new crazy looking eco-friendly VW Vans. In orange or turquoise or both!

FOXY adds: Can’t guarantee the Gold Coast weather in Sussex but I’m sure we can find you a top of the range colour combo camper van when the time is right!

If you’d like to know more about Ruth (she’s based in Lewes, East Sussex) and the fun based fitness activities and services she offers, we recommend you join her at her Facebook Page..

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