Racing Rebecca's Reviews, TV work and November News

Racing Rebecca's Reviews, TV work and November News

Rebecca’s race season might be over until next year, but that doesn’t mean her days have been any less action-packed. Here’s her latest racing-related news for us in November 2018.

“As I can’t stay away from the track for long, I popped into to catch up with my racing friends and colleagues.

The event is for track day enthusiasts, amateur and professional drivers, as well as championship co-ordinators and engineers to come together ahead of the 2019 season.

It was a lovely day, but so are most motor sports days spent at Silverstone.

Latest Car Reviews

I have also been filming a range of new car reviews for What Car?

The enormous VW Amarok is one of the most luxurious pick-up trucks currently on offer, combining car-like driving dynamics with a comfortable interior and hugely impressive load lugging capabilities.

I also drove the new all electric Jaguar I-Pace SUV. Capable of sprinting from 0-65mph in just 4.5 seconds, the I-Pace is seriously quick and overall, very impressive. With ambitious industry targets for automotive electrification by 2040, it’s safe to say we will soon be seeing a lot more vehicles like the I-Pace on our roads. If this is to be the future, sign me up now.

An impressive 4×4 might soon become a necessity as the colder weather approaches. Like most of us, I have really noticed the difference now the clocks have gone back. The nights are getting longer and most of us will be driving to and from work in the dark.

Winter Driving Tips

The most important thing to remember for winter driving, when visibility is low and the risk of ice, high is to stay alert, slow down and stay in control. In very bad conditions, avoid driving completely unless you absolutely have to. Now is the time to get your car ready for the colder months and I’ve a new video to help you stay safer when driving in winter conditions on our roads. In particular:

  1. Check lights are clean and working
  2. Check tyre condition, tread depth and pressure
  3. Clean windscreen wipers and top-up your washer bottle
  4. Keep a few essentials in your car, such as a shovel, a pair of wellies, some de-icer, a blanket, a torch as well as a few healthy snacks, a topped up mobile phone and contact details of your breakdown service provider, just in case.

Stay Healthy

As well as colder and darker in November, it is also most definitely cold and flu season. So not to succumb to the sniffles, I have been keeping my immune system topped up with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. One of my favourite ways of making sure I get my five-a-day is with a smoothie. Tropic Soul smoothies are my favourite, because as well as being absolutely delicious, the company has a great ethos when it comes to social responsibility, helping family-owned micro-businesses in the Dominican Republic grow, prosper and become more sustainable.

My TV Show on Dave

If you are spending your evenings snuggled up, warm and dry, on the sofa, don’t forget to tune into my TV show Modern Wheels or Classic Steals is still showing at 8pm on Mondays on Dave. We are coming towards the end of the series one, but all episodes are available to watch via UKTV PLAY.

My co-host Elo and I had a great time filming series one, exploring the pros and cons of modern versus classic cars, to suit a range of briefs and budgets. Here’s hoping we get to do it all again for Series Two.

On a final note, I was delighted to asked to join MotorEasy as a brand ambassador for its brand new ‘Lost in Translation’ campaign, which aims to call time on confusing jargon and promote plain English at your local garage.

I am really impressed by MotorEasy’s hassle-free, time-saving alternatives to booking MOTs, buying warranties, having repairs carried out and servicing. Everything is online and available to book 24 hours a day, seven days a week – removing the stress and inconvenience of running a car. Ideal for busy motorists!”

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