Apprentice Britney Shares Her Automotive Passion

Apprentice Britney Shares Her Automotive Passion

An apprentice mechanic from Enfield calls for more females to drive their careers forward in the automobile industry.

Britney Fingall, who commutes two hours every day from North London to Alan Day VW car showroom in Hampstead, believes the industry needs more female representation.

She explained:

“When I was training at college, only two of my class of 20 were female.

“I’d personally like to see more women in the motor industry – the more the merrier.

“I’d encourage anyone who has a passion for the motor industry to pursue it as a career regardless of gender.

“Yes, it’s still a male-dominated industry but anyone who sets their mind to it can do it. The world is changing with lots of new training opportunities en route so as long as you’re passionate about something, you can do it, that’s how I see it.”

Britney’s early apprentice influences

When we asked Britney about her early motoring influences she explained she first fell in love with the automobile industry after doing work experience at Alan Day VW in August 2017. She knew straight away that this job was what she wanted to do so she asked lots of questions to determine what Alan Day was looking for so she might be considered for the apprenticeship scheme.

“When I first started, my head was always in a book because I just wanted to learn everything I needed to know about cars.

“Soon enough, day by day, I got better, more knowledgeable and more confident to work on all sorts of vehicles.”

Britney is now 21 and has been working with cars since she was 16. Despite her long-held passion for fixing mechanical things she wasn’t totally sure about a career in the motor industry so she consulted her mum for advice:

“To be honest, when I was younger I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to be a mechanic or a nurse.

“Whenever I have doubts about anything I always speak with my mum who helped me make my decision. When I started this course my mum gave me so much encouragement and just told me to do it for as long as I enjoy it.

“And I still do so I’m still here!”

About Britney’s Automotive Apprentice Experience

Britney has recorded a video about her apprenticeship at Alan Day VW in Hampstead at YouTube.

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