Which Ferrari Would You Choose?

Which Ferrari Would You Choose?

No point asking me to review a Ferrari at Goodwood because I’d be too scared to floor the accelerator. And I get panic attacks when my husband corners tight rural roads at 70mph anyway.

But I’d have expected AutoTrader’s fast female REV team to drive their own Ferrari, being such good, safe and reliable women drivers eh?

Clearly not. Instead they get driven around Goodwood, very fast, in one of three Ferrari models, to then vote on the winner as the best Ferrari drive today.

Apparently 70% of Ferrari buyers are new to the brand and increasingly more women are buying them. This is because we need a high performance car that’s practical for everyday use. Stylish and comfortable too of course. And because we’re rich enough to buy one and pay the insurance premium?

Does that sound like you? No nor me really.

But the REV drives and Ferrari reviews are great fun so please keep reading, just in case…

The Practical Ferrari Choice For You

We start with today’s eminently practical entry level Ferrari at c£160k. This is the pretty Portofino – and it comes with 2 Isofix points so clearly Ferrari imagines that many Mums (and Dads) would buy this model to then take two children with them? I’m not convinced.

Whereas the GTC4 Lusso T is clearly a lot more practical I’d say, convinced by Erin’s justification that you’d need one you were late for a job interview or the school run. It’s got 4 proper seats, a choice of 2 engines and 4WD of course… For a mere £180k for a used Ferrari via AutoTrader. Even if it was tricky to tune the car radio in.

But the best review for me was the AWESOME #shoutoutloud one from Vicki Butler-Henderson – we’re talking about a budget of some £260k for the Ferrari 812 Superfast here – assuming you’d enjoy your stomach being sucked in by your backside as she seemed to. At least it lives up to its superfast name…

How nice to know I wouldn’t enjoy one even if I could afford one. Or if it was a gift? I guess I’ll never know whether that’s true or not.

FOXY Steph

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