Buy Your Car By Vending Machine

Buy Your Car By Vending Machine

Auto Trader has launched Britain’s first car vending machine, giving motorists a chance to buy a brand-new car via contactless payment on their phone.

The vending machine was installed at Spitalfields Market in London and features a Renault Zoe with a pre-haggled price, meaning it can be purchased on the spot.

No Need To Haggle

A new study by AutoTrader involved 2,000 British motorists revealing that over 9 in 10 Brits (92%) admitted they are bad at haggling when it comes to buying a car and 89% said they find haggling embarrassing and uncomfortable.

In fact, haggling on prices (41%) topped their list of anxieties about buying a new car, along with hidden costs (39%), worrying about making the wrong decision (28%) and having to wait a long time to receive a car after buying it (25%).

Top 10 Car Buying Anxieties

In order of concern, the top ten car buying anxieties adults face include:

1 Having to haggle, negotiate and barter with someone on the price (41%)
2 Hidden costs (39%)
3 Worrying about making the wrong decision (28%)
4 Having to wait a long time to get the car after buying it (25%)
5 Finding car terminology and jargon confusing (23%)
6 The time it takes to go through the process of purchasing (21%)
7 Not understanding the best financial options available (20%)
8 Not knowing what questions to ask (19%)
9 Not knowing the long-term running costs (18%)
10 Conflicting car reviews (16%)

Surprisingly 4 in 5 (79%) Brits think our continental counterparts are better at haggling and even those who attempt to haggle here in the UK, over a third (38%) admit they are not confident in their own ability.

The bespoke contactless vending machine system allows purchases of up to £21,000, showcasing how consumers can “buy and go” without having to worry about any haggling on the price, by finding a car and dealer through Auto Trader.

A team of six engineers spent three months designing and building the contactless car dispenser. A custom-made point of sale system and key release function was created, alongside an integrated payment and door release mechanic.

The installation features a brand-new Renault Zoe by Lookers Motor Group, which is one of the most searched for electric cars in the country, according to search data from Auto Trader. In just the past month, there have been nearly half a million searches for electric vehicles (463,277) on Auto Trader.

The vehicle comes with a price of £16,000 (RRP of £22,470) that has already been agreed with the dealer, meaning drivers don’t need to worry about trying to get the best price themselves. The price reflects the significant discounts buyers can find on new cars with Auto Trader’s pre-haggled prices.

FOXY Comment: What isn’t at all clear is what happens when you’ve paid up to £21,000 for the car in the vending machine? We think you get a key and instructions where to go to collect your car. No, it won’t drive itself out and another one land in its place! NB: This is a PR stunt to get you to the AutoTrader website.

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