A choice of dog friendly cars

A choice of dog friendly cars

Some nine million dogs are kept as pets in the UK. That means there are a lot of families in need of a dog-friendly car.

So AutoTrader’s Rachael, Erin and Vicki (the all-female REV Team trio) looked at three of the most popular models at the AutoTrader website and tell us what they thought of each in their entertaining video.

Dog friendly car features

If you ask dog owners what they want for their pooch a lot of practical considerations are mentioned. Leather seats are preferable, on board space matters as does pet access. Many mentioned ventilation and visibility as well as a comfortable and smooth ride. Most dog owners know that their pet should be safely secured too..

Both the Volvo V90 and Land Rover Discovery come with bags of space and plenty of dog-friendly optional extras, such as protective cages, harnesses and carriers. Even a dog shower option my goodness.

The Honda Civic, meanwhile, was named as the Best Car for Dog Owners in Auto Trader’s 2018 New Car Awards, as voted for by almost 40,000 car owners who rated their car in 16 key areas.

As always, don’t take our word for it – best you [see the video and hear what Rachael, Erin and Vicki really think about their respective dog friendly car], during their drive and in their car reviews afterwards.

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