Car Review of the new all electric Citroen

Car Review of the new all electric Citroen

Citroen’s new Ami 100% Electric car isn’t for the UK market yet but it’s the sort of fun, trendy and wacky vehicle we’ve come to expect from this manufacturer.

We see this as a veritable modern day electric equivalent of the utilitarian 2CV of the 1950s.

The Ami 100% Electric is a two seater car with a range of 43 miles and a top speed approaching 30mph. What makes this car different from other electric vehicles is that anyone from 16 years of age upwards (subject to licensing rules) can drive this in mainland Europe. You can recharge it in 3 hours by plugging it into the household mains.

Launching in France first then Germany and Spain, the new Ami 100% Electric costs from 6000 euros, is subject to a ‘green’ discount of 900 euros in France and drivers there will be able to rent Amis too.

Sadly Citroen’s PR release is not at all easy to digest or relay at this stage but when the Ami All Electric comes to the UK we’ll do a better communications job for you then.

For now, it comes in four colours – grey, blue, orange or khaki and there are plenty of customisable options to give your Ami (ie friend) the personality you want your car to have.

As you can see, it’s small and easy to manouevre and for those keen to know more, here is the technical specification to date.

Length: 2.41m
Width: 1.39m (excluding mirrors)
Height: 1.52m
Turning diameter, between walls: 7.20m
Weight without battery: < 425kg
Total weight with battery: 485kg
Battery: 5.5 kWh

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