Car Games With Children

Car Games With Children

Are you staycationing this year? If yes, there’s no reason why car journeys with children can’t be part of the holiday if you plan well in advance. And with these clever games originally suggested by insurance comparison website, why would you need to have children to enjoy them anyway?

See what you think about these ones!

1. Yellow convertible mini
This game can be played with all sorts of different variants, but the general rule is this: A point for spotting a yellow car, a point for a mini and a point for a convertible. Any combination of the two (eg: a yellow mini) will get you 5 points, and a whopping 10 points for the Holy Grail – a yellow convertible mini!

2. Three for a pig
If you’re driving in VERY rural areas, you can play this animal game if you’re really lucky.  Award three points for each pig spotted, a point for other animals but lose 10 points if you see a horse…

3. I Spy
A good version of this old favourite is to list 10 items you’re likely to see on the next stage of your journey – a police car, a bridge, a caravan etc – and see who spots them first. Especially the police car?

4. Alphabet game
Add an educational flavour. Look out for consecutive letters of the alphabet on road signs or licence plates.

5. I went to the shops
This one is just as good when you get to your destination and accompanied with a long cool drink. The first person starts with “I went to the shops and bought…” something beginning with the letter A. The second player repeats the first sentence, and adds an item that starts with B, and so on.
NB: The more the drinks, the worse the memory I find.

6. Map reading
Not to be recommended if children are prone to vomiting. Older children might appreciate being given the chance to follow the route you are taking on a map – you can encourage them to look out for things like service stations, motorway junctions or villages and churches.

7. What can you do with…?
This is an odd one and we haven’t tried it yet. You have to think of an everyday object – for example a brick, a Wellington boot or a wooden spoon. Players then have to take it in turns to think up possible uses for it. No holds barred apparently.

8. 20 questions
This is a more common game. Players take it in turns to think of a famous person or a household object and others can then ask them yes/no questions before guessing who or what they are.

9. Count the cars
Best for children this one – look out for cars of a particular colour for starters. Whoever manages to spot, say, 30 first is the winner. You could alter this to use number plates – for example one child has to look for “06” registrations, and the other “56” registrations.

10. Sleeping lions
Narnia nirvana for Mums this one! Just convince your children that trying to keep quiet for as long as possible is a game! Certainly worth a try for a few minutes’ peace.

The only other one we could think of adding was the alphabet of cars. Usually best with teenage boys (and petrolheads) you start with A and everyone names a car brand or make and so on until someone can’t go and drops out… and so on.
Yes it is possible to find ones beginning X and Z…

Enjoy your car journeys and the holidays when they come.

FOXY Steph

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