Suffering from driving fears or anxiety?

Suffering from driving fears or anxiety?

After six months without driving, many motorists find returning to the road to be stressful. Panic attacks behind the wheel happen to male as well as female drivers.

Events such as getting lost, struggling to park, unkind (or relentless) criticism of one’s driving ability, being involved in a road accident, feeling depressed and driving with a new baby or young children on board are all potential triggers for motoring stress, panic attacks and a state of anxiety.

Did you know that motoring anxiety can quickly escalate into higher levels leading to panic attacks or vehophobia – which is the word for a phobia of driving – and is surprisingly common.

Some young women tell us they worry about being propositioned by a male driving instructor during their lessons. Many females are fearful of fast driving on motorways. Others struggle to return to the wheel as a solo driver, after divorce or bereavement perhaps, and it’s natural to experience a heightened level of anxiety after a car accident or road rage incident.

Not all anxiety is bad though, you might be relieved to know that a small degree of motoring anxiety CAN make us better, safer and more conscientious drivers because it keeps us in a heightened state of awareness.

However, if your motoring anxiety reduces your enjoyment of driving, or you find yourself avoiding getting behind the wheel when possible, you are not alone and after joining FOXY Lady Drivers Club members take advantage of many support services to help improve their driving knowledge and confidence levels.

For example…

You might need to talk through your issues, in total confidence, with a professional anxiety expert to help you work through these issues in the way that best suits you.

You might consider a refresher driving course with an IAM Roadsmart approved driving instructor, designed to make you a better informed and safer driver.

You might attend an all ladies evening to compare driving experiences with like-minded others to include personal safety and DIY car maintenance tips.

Motoring Anxiety Support

Members of FOXY Lady Drivers Club can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a package of VIP motoring services, special offers and friendly 1:1 advice and support.

When it comes to our motoring anxiety support services these include:

  • A sympathetic listening ear when only a 1:1 phone call can help.
  • An introduction to Driving Confidence and Motorway Refresher Course programmes.
  • Ladies Evenings including hands on car maintenance, practical tips, advice about tyre care and personal safety demonstrations.
  • Free car fitness and tyre safety checks from within the FOXY Lady Approved garage network.

In short, if you need some help, someone to listen, a second opinion perhaps or a recommendation for a business outside a FOXY Lady Approved business area, you can phone FOXY for insider advice and support.

That’s because we’d never want a Club member to feel vulnerable or on her own when it comes to motoring matters.

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